PT Pertamina Will Increase The Selling Price of Non-Subsidized Fuel Oil

PT Pertamina Will Increase The Selling Price of Non-Subsidized Fuel Oil

PT Pertamina will increase the selling price of non-subsidized fuel oil (BBM) for the North Sumatra region starting today, Thursday (1/4/2021).

The increase in fuel prices is contained in Circular (SE) No 295 / Q21030 / 2021-S3 and signed directly by Regional Manager Retail Sales I, Piere J Wauran with a copy of GM Marketing Operations I, SAM Retail Medan, Hiswana Migas DPD North Sumatra (Sumbagut); and Hiswana Migas DPC North Sumatra (North Sumatra).

“In connection with our Circular Letter No. 295 / Q21030 / 2021-S3 regarding the Stipulation of the Enforcement of the New Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax (PBBKB) Tariff in the North Sumatra Province;” Piere said in the circular.

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“It is hereby informed that starting April 1, 2021 at 00.00 local time, the Economic Selling Price of BBM for customers has changed,” he continued.

As for several types of fuel that have increased, among others, pertalite, Pertamax, Pertamax turbo, Sex, Dexlite; and the last is Solar NPSO.

“Pertalite currently costs Rp7,850 which previously was only Rp7,650, Pertamax is now Rp9,200; previously only Rp9,000, Pertamax Turbo Rp.10,050, previously Rp9,850,” wrote the SE.

“Continue Dex, now Rp.10,450 before Rp.10,200, Dexlite Rp9,700 previously Rp9,500 and finally the price of NPSO Solar Rp9,600 before Rp9,400,” he continued.

Circular on the increase in fuel prices in the North Sumatra region.

Increase in Non-subsidized Fuel Price, Difference of IDR 200

Meanwhile, the overall increase in fuel prices has a price difference of Rp. 200. However, for the Dex fuel type; the price increase is higher than the others, which is a difference of 250 with the old price; which means that the price of this dex fuel is 50 rupiah higher than the others.

Apart from the rising fuel price in the SE, gasoline is not included in the price increase category. This means that gasoline is still at normal prices today.

Through the letter, Pertamina also instructed all SPBU entrepreneurs to enforce the increase in the selling price of BBM.

“For SPBU, so that they can make technical adjustments to the display and machine settings at each gas station according to the price list;” said Region Manager Retail Sales I in the SE.

Jokowi Reviewed The Implementation of The Covid-19 Mass Vaccination

Jokowi Reviewed The Implementation of The Covid-19 Mass Vaccination

President Joko Widodo or Jokowi reviewed the implementation of the Covid-19 mass vaccination for banking and capital market players at the Indonesia Stock Exchange, Jakarta, Wednesday (31/3/2021). He hopes that with this mass vaccination, the Indonesian economy can recover and return to normal.

“With this, we hope activities in the capital market, our banking activities protected from contracting Covid exposure,” said Jokowi after reviewing vaccinations as broadcast on the Presidential Secretariat Youtube.

“We hope everything will run normally after vaccination will run normally,” he continued.

He said that the main drivers of Indonesia’s economy are consumption, investment, exports and imports. Meanwhile, banking and the capital market play an important role in driving the national economy.

For this reason, the government gives priority to banking and capital market players to participate in the Covid-19 vaccination. In particular, those who work directly serve the community and customers.

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“Whether it’s customer service serving customers or tellers who also serve the community. This is first priority,” Jokowi explained.

Vaccination program in Indonesia started in January 13, 2021; where Jokowi was the first person injected with the Sinovac vaccine. In the initial stage, vaccination is prioritized for 1.5 million health workers.

Furthermore, the second phase of Covid-19 vaccination given to public service officers and elderly people (seniors) over 60 years of age. The public service officers in question are damkar, BPBD, BUMN, BUMD, BPJS, head or village officials.

In addition to public service officers and the elderly; the government also prioritizes Covid-19 vaccination for market traders, educators (teachers, lecturers, educators), religious leaders; and extension agents in this second phase. Then, representatives of the people, government officials; and civil servants, security officers, tourism officers, hotels, restaurants, athletes and public transportation workers.

Successful Indonesian Farmer in America

Successful Indonesian Farmer in America

Having a hobby of farming seems to be able to bring happiness many times over. Not only getting the results, Syarif Syaifulloh admitted that he was happy to be able to share his agricultural knowledge with the residents around his residence. He is a successful indonesian farmer in America.

Far from his native land and living in Philadelphia, the United States has not diminished his enthusiasm to continue to develop his hobby as a farmer. Thanks to his cold hands, he often harvests fresh vegetables to the point of getting the attention of his neighbors.

What is the full story of Syarif, who is confident and successful as a farmer in the US? Here’s more information.

Teaching Farming

Reporting from the YouTube channel Andri Indonesia (18/10/2019), there is an interesting story from Syarif, a man from Magelang, Central Java who is now known to live in Uncle Sam’s country. Living in a foreign country for more than 9 years actually made him more confident to work, to become a farmer on his land.

Not only for himself, Syarif also shared knowledge with local residents about how to grow crops. All ages become friends to share, from children to adults.

“I have been gardening for 9 years, thank God there is nothing. We are urban farmers […] Create a laboratory, for studying,” he said.

“Oh, so come here, huh?” asked the presenter.

“Yes, from anywhere. From anywhere, from America, from Indonesia, from children to adults learning to grow crops,” he said.

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Neighbors Support

Living in a country with a different culture sometimes becomes an obstacle when we want to carry out various activities. However, this was not a difficult matter for Sharif.

The neighbors around his residence were even curious about his gardening actions. The neighbors continued to provide moral and material support to Syarif. The large barrel located in the yard of the house is evidence of the neighbors’ concern and admiration for Sharif’s hobby.

“How do the neighbors respond?” asked the presenter.

“Neighbors, thank God, welcome. We thank God we also give the results to our neighbors too. And we also teach our neighbors too. There is this barrel given by our neighbors,” he explained.

MV Ever Given Successfully Refloated

MV Ever Given Successfully Refloated

The MV Ever Given cargo ship which ran aground on the Suez Canal, Egypt, and caused a traffic jam was successfully refloated.

As reported by Reuters on Monday (29/3), according to reports, some of the hulls of the MV Ever Given successfully refloated. The crew tried to restart the engine of the ship, which was one of the largest in the world.

In video footage circulating on social media, the bow of the ship appears to have successfully floated in the evacuation process.

Several people seemed to be clapping and expressing joy after the ship floated back. The sound of the horn of the ship was also heard shouting to each other.

The ship must correct its position before continuing the voyage. The ship will also be inspected first before being allowed to sail through the canal.


According to data from the shipping site VesselFinder, the status of the Ever Given ship is currently on the way. The ship is sailing again.

The ship ran aground because it was hit by strong winds while on the entrance route of the Suez Canal.

The position of the 400 meters longship is transversely so that it prevents other ships from entering the canal.

The managing director of the Suez Canal (SCA), Osama Rabie. Is considering giving discounts on passage rates for other ships waiting in line to pass through the canal.

Rabie said they are losing around the US $ 13 million to the US $ 14 million in a day due to the incident.

Currently, 369 vessels are queuing up at the mouth of the Suez Canal. They consist of cargo ships carrying containers or other goods, oil tankers to natural gas .

Congestion in the Suez Canal hampered Asian and European shipping lanes and helped boost oil prices. Because of this oil prices rises to a terrifying degree.