Sadistic Actions of Aipda Rs

Sadistic Actions of Aipda RS

The police revealed new facts about the sadistic actions of Aipda RS that killed Rizka Fitria (21) and Aprilia Cinta (16) at the hotel, before finally disposing of the bodies of the two of them.

Kasubid Penmas Public Relations Polda North Sumatra AKBP MP Nainggolan said that if the perpetrator killed the two victims in a hotel room in Medan City.

“The two victims were killed in a hotel room in Padang Bulan, Medan,” said MP Nainggolan, Friday (26/2/2021).

MP Nainggolan said it was a temporary investigation if the person who was on duty at the Belawan Harbor Police killed both of them with their bare hands.

“The two victims killed by strangulation,” he explained.

He said the two victims were desperate to meet the perpetrators at the hotel, he said, because the police were the ones who insisted. Aipda RS forces Rizka to meet him in order to solve their problems. However, what the problem is is not yet known.

Rizka finally invited Cinta to accompany him. The two poor women also met the person at the hotel.

“Because of that, victim Rizki invited his friend to meet the suspect. The victim wants an invite to hotel because the suspect said he will resolve their dispute, “he said.

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Police Investigates Allegations of Obscenity

Asked about the perpetrators’ indecent act against the two residents of Lorong VI Veteran Bagan Deli; Medan Melawan District, Medan City due to coercion or threats, MP Nainggolan did not answer.

He said, the investigation process was still ongoing and carried out in depth. Including other allegations, about the existence of sexual immorality.

“The results of the victim’s autopsy have not yet come out,” concluded Nainggolan.

Previously, this case begin when the body of Rizka Fitria (21) found by a truck driver on the side of the Medan-Tebing Tinggi Sumatra (Jalinsum) road, precisely in the Pasiran neighborhood, Simpang Tiga Pekan Village, Perbaungan District, Sergai Regency, Monday (21/2 / 2021) morning.

In the afternoon, Cinta’s body found lying on the edge of Jalan Budi Kemasyarakatan; Pulo Brayan Kota, West Medan, Medan City, Monday (21/2/2021). The police confirmed that the two young girls were victims of murder.

Gun Abuse Cases Occurred in Indonesia for the Last Two Weeks

Gun Abuse Cases Occurred in Indonesia for the Last Two Weeks

Gun abuse cases occurred in Indonesia for the last two weeks. First, a woman suspected of being a terrorist, ZA, attacked the National Police Headquarters with an air gun. Most recently, the cowboy action of the Fortuner car driver pointing an airsoft gun at another driver in Duren Sawit.

Commissioner of the National Police Commission (Kompolnas) Poengky Indarti emphasized that the two weapons are still dangerous if they are thrown at humans. Although the airsoft gun and the air gun have differences.

“For ZA it uses an air gun, not an airsoft gun. If the air gun used to attack or injure, the bullets use metal. Meanwhile, the airsoft gun is used for shooting sports. However, both are dangerous and can injure if used inappropriately,” said Poengky. when contacted, Monday (5/4).

Therefore, he emphasized that the misuse of the two weapons has legal consequences according to the degree of abuse. Misuse of air guns and airsoft guns for criminal purposes will result in legal traps.

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Poengky Statements

“For example, the air gun ZA used to carry out terror at the National Police Headquarters or the airsoft gun used by the MFA in Duren Sawit to threaten him after he hit a motorbike driver. The perpetrator of his abuse threatened with layered articles, including articles on threats and misuse of firearms with threats. heavy criminal punishment, “he explained.

Because these actions can lead to crime. So, he urged the police to take precautions against the misuse of the two weapons.

“The police need to do the prevention of the crime of firearms misuse as strictly as possible to grant permits to use firearms and carry out licensing evaluations periodically,” he explained.

Including, all organizations and clubs that handle shooting sports which use airsoft guns must supervise all members.

“For airsoft guns that are used for shooting sports, organizations that handle shooting sports also need to supervise them so that their members don’t misuse the airsoft gun or be misused by others,” he explained.

The Gegana Team Secured a Suspicious Object

The Gegana Team Secured a Suspicious Object

The Gegana Team secured a suspicious object that had made people in the location afraid; because it was suspected of being dangerous and found in the passenger waiting area at Purbaya Terminal; Madiun City, East Java, Saturday (3 / 4).

Madiun City Police Chief AKBP Dewa Putu Eka Darmawan said on reports; the object in the form of cardboard tied with black raffia found by hawkers on Saturday afternoon. However, until evening the object still in the location.

“Because they suspicious and scared the terminal visitors; the presence of suspicious objects reported to the terminal officer and continued to the police;” said AKBP Dewa, in Madiun, Saturday night, as quoted by Antara.

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According to him, his party did not want to speculate regarding the finding of this suspicious object. The Madiun City Police then coordinated with the Gegana team to determine the suspicious object.

“So now the suspicious object has been secured by the Gegana team. Later Gegana will make sure;” he said.

The Results

The examination result using X-Ray device; the cardboard box contained three stacks of objects without any electrical circuit elements found. Currently the box secured; by East Java Regional Police’s Gegana Team for inspection.

As a result of the finding of this suspicious object; the arrival of bus passengers at Purbaya Terminal; Madiun City was closed and diverted. The terminal manager had asked the bus driver to pick up and drop off passengers in front of the terminal. Passengers also directed to wait for the bus to arrive in front of the terminal.

Police officers set up a police line around the location. The police also prohibit activities in the terminal.

The Police Chief said suspicious object not known. However, for the sake of safety; his party carried out sterilization in accordance with the standard operating procedures (SOP) for handling.

Jokowi Said Eagle at The State Palace is in Pre-design Stages

Jokowi Said Eagle at The State Palace is in Pre-design Stages

President Joko Widodo; or Jokowi said eagle at the State Palace is in pre-design stages. As for the design by the famous sculpture artist, I Nyoman Nuarta; previously created controversy.

Jokowi explained that the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) in 2020 invited several architects and artists to provide input and ideas about iconic buildings in the new capital of the country. One of the suggestions that came in; namely the pre-designed work of Nyoman Nuarta.

“His proposal is filled with the philosophy of the Garuda Bird symbol as the unifier of the nation according to the motto of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika;” Jokowi was quoted as saying from his personal Instagram account, Saturday (3/4/2021).


He emphasized that Nyoman Nuarta’s proposal was still in the pre-design stage. Jokowi said that the government was still open to receiving input from a number of parties regarding the design of the State Palace in the new capital.

“This proposal, once again; is still at the pre-design stage. Therefore, I really hope for input from all of you about the pre-design of the State Palace,” he explained.

Jokowi admits that he wants the State Palace in the new capital city not only to be remembered as a place for the President to work or as a symbol of national pride. However, the future State Palace must also reflect the progress of the nation.

“With these inputs; I will invite back architects and other experts to enrich the pre-design to become the basis for the design of the State Palace;” said Jokowi.

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Palace Design So Pros Cons

Previously, five professional associations expressed their rejection of the design of the state palace in the new capital; East Kalimantan, which resembled the shape of a Garuda bird. The design of the Garuda bird palace was made by sculptor I Nyoman Nuarta in a design competition for the national capital.

IAI chairman I Ketut Rana Wiarcha said the design of the state palace in the shape of the Garuda bird in the new capital did not reflect the progress of the Indonesian nation; even though this symbol was a symbol of the state.

“The state palace building in the form of a Garuda bird; or a bird that resembles Garuda is a symbol; which in the field of architecture does not characterize the progress of Indonesian civilization in the digital era with a progressive vision; the era of low emission buildings and post-Covid-19 (new normal);” he explained in IAI’s official statement to, Tuesday, March 30, 2021.

Ketut assessed that the building of the state palace should reflect the progress of culture, economy; and commitment to Indonesia’s sustainable development goals in its participation in the global world.

“The building of a state palace should be an example of a building that technically has characterized the principles of low-carbon; and smart development from the design, construction to building maintenance,” he said.

Irene Kharisma Sukandar VS Levy Rozman is Anticlimatic

Irene Kharisma Sukandar VS Levy Rozman is Anticlimatic

Irene Kharisma Sukandar VS Levy Rozman is Anticlimatic. Even so, it’s still fun to watch chess players.

This was conveyed by the Head of PB Percasi’s Achievement Development Division, Kristianus Liem. This is because the concept of Chess 960 which is applied does not show techniques such as chess in general.

“Playing is not ordinary chess, but random chess, so you don’t see the usual techniques. It’s hard to measure the strength because it’s different for the chess arrangement,” Kris told, Thursday (1/4/2021).

“But it’s still fun for chess players only if the focus is tactical, it’s not visible,” he said.

According to Kris, the 960 chess game is not the first time Irene has played chess. At the 2013 SEA Games, Myanmar and even Indonesia were able to win a gold medal in that number through Grand Master Susanto Megaranto.

Past Events

Meanwhile, the 2019 Philippines SEA Games were only used as an exhibition, even though Indonesia also returned to pocket gold through Irene.

“Indeed, this number is for people who are bored or who cannot compete in the standard number. Because of that, the theory is very deep, people who are just starting are sure to lose at the opening stage. The system and the game are the same, only the fruit in the last row has different arrangements. There are 960. the order is the name according to that, “he explained.

“So the game is no longer using theory. The game is just like old people before meeting theory, but it turns out that Irene also plays a draw against GhotamChess,” he added.

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Even so, said Kris, the matches provided refreshment for Irene psychologically. “Because almost every day the matches are just like that. So occasionally make good variations too. That makes it fresh,” he said.

“Apart from that, the activities and momentum for the revival of chess, hopefully, this will go a long way and I think we can protect it. Moreover, in the future, there will be many chess events this year, such as PON Papua and the 2021 SEA Games. Hopefully, we can maintain the overall title. “Kris was expecting.

PT Pertamina Will Increase The Selling Price of Non-Subsidized Fuel Oil

PT Pertamina Will Increase The Selling Price of Non-Subsidized Fuel Oil

PT Pertamina will increase the selling price of non-subsidized fuel oil (BBM) for the North Sumatra region starting today, Thursday (1/4/2021).

The increase in fuel prices is contained in Circular (SE) No 295 / Q21030 / 2021-S3 and signed directly by Regional Manager Retail Sales I, Piere J Wauran with a copy of GM Marketing Operations I, SAM Retail Medan, Hiswana Migas DPD North Sumatra (Sumbagut); and Hiswana Migas DPC North Sumatra (North Sumatra).

“In connection with our Circular Letter No. 295 / Q21030 / 2021-S3 regarding the Stipulation of the Enforcement of the New Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax (PBBKB) Tariff in the North Sumatra Province;” Piere said in the circular.

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“It is hereby informed that starting April 1, 2021 at 00.00 local time, the Economic Selling Price of BBM for customers has changed,” he continued.

As for several types of fuel that have increased, among others, pertalite, Pertamax, Pertamax turbo, Sex, Dexlite; and the last is Solar NPSO.

“Pertalite currently costs Rp7,850 which previously was only Rp7,650, Pertamax is now Rp9,200; previously only Rp9,000, Pertamax Turbo Rp.10,050, previously Rp9,850,” wrote the SE.

“Continue Dex, now Rp.10,450 before Rp.10,200, Dexlite Rp9,700 previously Rp9,500 and finally the price of NPSO Solar Rp9,600 before Rp9,400,” he continued.

Circular on the increase in fuel prices in the North Sumatra region.

Increase in Non-subsidized Fuel Price, Difference of IDR 200

Meanwhile, the overall increase in fuel prices has a price difference of Rp. 200. However, for the Dex fuel type; the price increase is higher than the others, which is a difference of 250 with the old price; which means that the price of this dex fuel is 50 rupiah higher than the others.

Apart from the rising fuel price in the SE, gasoline is not included in the price increase category. This means that gasoline is still at normal prices today.

Through the letter, Pertamina also instructed all SPBU entrepreneurs to enforce the increase in the selling price of BBM.

“For SPBU, so that they can make technical adjustments to the display and machine settings at each gas station according to the price list;” said Region Manager Retail Sales I in the SE.

Jokowi Reviewed The Implementation of The Covid-19 Mass Vaccination

Jokowi Reviewed The Implementation of The Covid-19 Mass Vaccination

President Joko Widodo or Jokowi reviewed the implementation of the Covid-19 mass vaccination for banking and capital market players at the Indonesia Stock Exchange, Jakarta, Wednesday (31/3/2021). He hopes that with this mass vaccination, the Indonesian economy can recover and return to normal.

“With this, we hope activities in the capital market, our banking activities protected from contracting Covid exposure,” said Jokowi after reviewing vaccinations as broadcast on the Presidential Secretariat Youtube.

“We hope everything will run normally after vaccination will run normally,” he continued.

He said that the main drivers of Indonesia’s economy are consumption, investment, exports and imports. Meanwhile, banking and the capital market play an important role in driving the national economy.

For this reason, the government gives priority to banking and capital market players to participate in the Covid-19 vaccination. In particular, those who work directly serve the community and customers.

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“Whether it’s customer service serving customers or tellers who also serve the community. This is first priority,” Jokowi explained.

Vaccination program in Indonesia started in January 13, 2021; where Jokowi was the first person injected with the Sinovac vaccine. In the initial stage, vaccination is prioritized for 1.5 million health workers.

Furthermore, the second phase of Covid-19 vaccination given to public service officers and elderly people (seniors) over 60 years of age. The public service officers in question are damkar, BPBD, BUMN, BUMD, BPJS, head or village officials.

In addition to public service officers and the elderly; the government also prioritizes Covid-19 vaccination for market traders, educators (teachers, lecturers, educators), religious leaders; and extension agents in this second phase. Then, representatives of the people, government officials; and civil servants, security officers, tourism officers, hotels, restaurants, athletes and public transportation workers.

Successful Indonesian Farmer in America

Successful Indonesian Farmer in America

Having a hobby of farming seems to be able to bring happiness many times over. Not only getting the results, Syarif Syaifulloh admitted that he was happy to be able to share his agricultural knowledge with the residents around his residence. He is a successful indonesian farmer in America.

Far from his native land and living in Philadelphia, the United States has not diminished his enthusiasm to continue to develop his hobby as a farmer. Thanks to his cold hands, he often harvests fresh vegetables to the point of getting the attention of his neighbors.

What is the full story of Syarif, who is confident and successful as a farmer in the US? Here’s more information.

Teaching Farming

Reporting from the YouTube channel Andri Indonesia (18/10/2019), there is an interesting story from Syarif, a man from Magelang, Central Java who is now known to live in Uncle Sam’s country. Living in a foreign country for more than 9 years actually made him more confident to work, to become a farmer on his land.

Not only for himself, Syarif also shared knowledge with local residents about how to grow crops. All ages become friends to share, from children to adults.

“I have been gardening for 9 years, thank God there is nothing. We are urban farmers […] Create a laboratory, for studying,” he said.

“Oh, so come here, huh?” asked the presenter.

“Yes, from anywhere. From anywhere, from America, from Indonesia, from children to adults learning to grow crops,” he said.

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Neighbors Support

Living in a country with a different culture sometimes becomes an obstacle when we want to carry out various activities. However, this was not a difficult matter for Sharif.

The neighbors around his residence were even curious about his gardening actions. The neighbors continued to provide moral and material support to Syarif. The large barrel located in the yard of the house is evidence of the neighbors’ concern and admiration for Sharif’s hobby.

“How do the neighbors respond?” asked the presenter.

“Neighbors, thank God, welcome. We thank God we also give the results to our neighbors too. And we also teach our neighbors too. There is this barrel given by our neighbors,” he explained.

MV Ever Given Successfully Refloated

MV Ever Given Successfully Refloated

The MV Ever Given cargo ship which ran aground on the Suez Canal, Egypt, and caused a traffic jam was successfully refloated.

As reported by Reuters on Monday (29/3), according to reports, some of the hulls of the MV Ever Given successfully refloated. The crew tried to restart the engine of the ship, which was one of the largest in the world.

In video footage circulating on social media, the bow of the ship appears to have successfully floated in the evacuation process.

Several people seemed to be clapping and expressing joy after the ship floated back. The sound of the horn of the ship was also heard shouting to each other.

The ship must correct its position before continuing the voyage. The ship will also be inspected first before being allowed to sail through the canal.


According to data from the shipping site VesselFinder, the status of the Ever Given ship is currently on the way. The ship is sailing again.

The ship ran aground because it was hit by strong winds while on the entrance route of the Suez Canal.

The position of the 400 meters longship is transversely so that it prevents other ships from entering the canal.

The managing director of the Suez Canal (SCA), Osama Rabie. Is considering giving discounts on passage rates for other ships waiting in line to pass through the canal.

Rabie said they are losing around the US $ 13 million to the US $ 14 million in a day due to the incident.

Currently, 369 vessels are queuing up at the mouth of the Suez Canal. They consist of cargo ships carrying containers or other goods, oil tankers to natural gas .

Congestion in the Suez Canal hampered Asian and European shipping lanes and helped boost oil prices. Because of this oil prices rises to a terrifying degree.