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Company Profile

Over the past 30 years,  ACO in the UK has been at the forefront of developing new drainage and water management systems with higher performance standards and dramatically improved aesthetics, solutions that have helped create some of the world’s most sustainable projects.

With research facilities spanning 4 continents, ACO combines a rich heritage with the latest technologies and legislative requirements to create products and systems that protect people, businesses & infrastructure, whilst improving water quality and enhancing urban spaces.

The ACO Water Management range has pioneered the management of surface water and today provides architects, specifiers and engineers with a package of integrated systems suitable for use across the entire spectrum of civil engineering projects.

ACO has evolved from its origins in line drainage into an award-winning supplier of products and support services that provide the complete and effective management of surface water, from system design through collection, cleaning, storing and on-site source control allowing the safe release of run-off back to natural watercourses.

Covering applications as diverse as retail and commercial developments to major national infrastructure projects, the ACO range assures industry-leading sustainable drainage performance and environmental protection.



Products and Services

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Surface water drainage 

The widest range of channel collection systems for surface water management. All ranges are designed to convey water close to the surface and as efficiently as possible. Covering applications as diverse as retail and commercial developments to major national transport and infrastructure projects, the range assures industry-leading sustainable drainage performance and environmental protection.



ACO Qmax has been developed to satisfy the demand for a versatile, high capacity slot drainage system for a wide range of applications involving small to large catchment areas to any load class. The system is specifically designed to form an integral part of any modern, sustainable surface water management solution requiring effective storage, attenuation and eliminating carry over in stormwater conditions.







ACO KerbDrain is an award winning one-piece combined kerb and drainage system. It is the first combined kerb drainage system of its kind to use recycled materials and be independently certified and Kitemarked to BS EN 1433: 2002.





MultiDrain MD


ACO MultiDrain MD is a high strength channel drainage system designed to provide an economical solution for the efficient removal of surface water. The system is suitable for use in an extensive range of applications including commercial and residential developments, pedestrian precincts, landscaping and parking areas for all vehicle types*





Multidrain PPD


ACO MultiDrain PPD is a high quality, high strength recycled polypropylene channel drainage system. It is designed to provide an economical solution for the efficient removal of surface water in applications such as commercial developments, pedestrian precincts, landscaping, residential developments and parking areas for all vehicle types*.

*Not suitable for carriageways of public roads or motorways.





ACO MultiDrain Brickslot provides a seamless discreet slot finish to visually sensitive applications.





MultiDrain Monoblock


ACO MultiDrain Monoblock PD100D is a one-piece drainage system suitable for use in pedestrian areas, car parks and hard landscaped areas. Lightweight and simple to install, its integral grating means that it is not vulnerable to vandalism or loosening.





Road Drain


ACO RoadDrain is a tough one piece channel drainage system ideal for medium to heavy-duty highway, distribution yards and airfield applications  and the absence of separate gratings eliminates the risk of loss or vandalism.







ACO S Range is a channel drainage system designed to provide efficient removal of surface water in heavy duty applications such as HGV distribution parks and airfield applications.





Stormwater attenuation and infiltration

Storm bricks


ACO StormBrixx is a unique and patented plastic geocellular stormwater management system. Designed for surface water infiltration and storage, its versatility allows it to be used in applications across all construction environments as a standalone solution or as part of an integrated sustainable urban drainage (SuDS) scheme. The award-winning system addresses the fundamental requirement of access and maintenance for SUDS Approval Boards (SABS) and water companies, whilst retaining the structural integrity of the installation. The open cell structure permits completely free access for CCTV and jetting equipment which allows the whole system, including all the extremities, to be inspected and maintained from just a few access points.





Surface Water Flow Controls

surface water flow controls


ACO's range of flow control systems are designed to regulate stormwater flow before it discharges into the water course or sewer networks ACO Q-Brake Vortex flow controls and ACO Q-Plate orifice plates are capable of regulating any flow for surface water applications and can be used in conjunction with retention and attenuation systems, such as ACO StormBrixx, as an integrated sustainable urban drainage (SuDS) scheme.





Stormwater Treatment

stormwater treatment

ACO ‘s range of hydrocarbon separators  is an essential part of the SUDS treatment train, providing solutions for full or bypassed treatment of oil polluted surface water which cannot be release into the natural water courses.





SuDS Swale Inlet

Swale Inlet


The ACO SuDS Swale Inlet unit provides an aesthetically pleasing solution when linking proprietary conveyance drainage systems to vegetated infiltration features such as swales, basins, ponds and water courses.