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With 50 years combined experience and expertise in the industry, Aquobex provides flood resistance (dry-proofing) and resilience (wet-proofing) solutions for businesses, communities, homes and infrastructure.

Our approach takes the form of an accredited, wholly independent and insurable service delivered in a supportive, consultancy style. Using integrated resources and British Standards-certified products; we provide the best solutions that are specific to your individual requirements.

Products and Services

Aquobex provide the best flood solutions that are specific to your individual requirements by working information into intelligence, and forming flood products into flood systems.

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Our experienced team contains Chartered Surveyors, engineers, flood systems specialists, business continuity planners, insurance experts and project managers. Aquobex work with a number of technology providers and develop solutions at BRE. Any business in the UK can benefit from our services, and we also have partners in many other countries.

Our clients include:

  • Government bodies
  • Defence organisations
  • Major utility companies
  • Housing organisations
  • Insurance & financial groups
  • Multi-national corporations