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Pump Centre 20th Anniversary Conference, The International Centre, Telford on 2nd May 2012. 

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IFAT Entsorga, The New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany from 7th to 11th May 2012.  

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Association of Drainage Authorities Annual Conference, One Great George Street, London on 2nd November 2011.  The page to link to is
Pump Centre Technical Awareness Day, Thistle Haydock Hotel, Merseyside on 8th November 2011.   Link
Pump Centre 20th Anniversary Conference, The International Centre, Telford on 2nd May 2012.  Link
IFAT Entsorga, The New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany from 7th to 11th May 2012.  Link

Company Profile


Bedford Pumps Ltd is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of large submersible and conventional pumps to the water and waste water industry.  Their pump ranges cover between 100 l/s up to 12,000 l/s at 3m to 100m head.

The company is based in Bedford, England and was established in 1987 as The Bedford Pump Company by members of the Pump Department of NEI (W H Allen) when NEI closed their manufacturing plant within the town.  W H Allen was founded in London in 1880 and moved to Bedford in 1894, and as Allen Gwynne Pumps had a worldwide reputation for delivery high quality pumping plant to the world market.  Following a period of ownership by FKI, the company became part of the Hidrostal Group in 2002 and evolved as Bedford Pumps Ltd.

Bedford Pumps offer the complete “Engineered Solution”.  With a state of the art design studio and a specialist test bay, they also undertake complete project management and installation.  Their involvement doesn’t end there, a complete service and refurbishment package is also part of their remit and they can test and repair pumps sold by other manufacturers as part of a routine service contract.

Bedford Pumps’ products are suitable for a wide range of applications including:  Land Drainage, Surface & Storm Water, Cooling Water, Irrigation, Docks, Sewage, Clean Water and Water Abstraction.

They have an extensive client base within the water industry, including: UK Water Utilities, Private Water Companies, Civil & Process Contractors, County & Borough Councils, Internal Drainage Boards, General Industry and Overseas Customers.

Bedford Pumps Ltd - largest project to date

The refurbishment of the pumps and MCC at Altmouth Pumping Station, situated at the mouth of the River Alt in Merseyside.

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Products and Services

Bowl & Axial Pumps

USES:  Irrigation – Flood Defence – Land Drainage – Surface & Storm Water – Water Abstraction – Cooling Water – Docks De-watering & Impounding – Sewage Effluent Treatment & Disposal

DA & DB Range         Brochure here

DA (1m to 9m head – up to 12,000 l/s) & DB (5m to 80m head – up to 6,000 l/s)


BPL’s range of Mixed Flow Bowl & Axial Flow Pumps are an established and well-proven reliable design.  These pumps can be utilised in a variety of applications to ensure effective and economic operation for the end user.

The extremely versatile design of these direct drive pumps allows a wide variety of installation configurations to be used without impairing performance.

 SA & SB Range           Brochure here

SA (1m to 9m head – up to 11,000 l/s) & SB (5m to 80m head – up to 5,000 l/s)

BPL’s versatile range of Submersible Axial & Mixed Flow Bowl Pumps are designed as an efficient alternative to conventional shaft driven units. 

The submersible variant features an advanced motor oil cooling jacket to maintain cool motor operation when used in dry well or exposed wet well environments


Volute Pumps


DV Range              Brochure here

(5m to 95m head, 150 to 5,000 l/s)

BPL’s robust range of Volute-Casing Mixed Flow Pumps are designed to handle sewage and effluent containing rags and other fibrous material.  The high efficiency design ensures low running costs, fewer blockages and easy non-intrusive maintenance.

 SV Range            Brochure here

(5m to 95m head, 150 to 3,000 l/s)


BPL’s versatile range of Submersible Volute Pumps are ideally suited to handling raw and foul water containing solids.  This versatile pump can be installed either totally submerged in a wet well or in a dry chamber.  The design features an advanced motor oil cooling jacket to maintain cool motor operation. 

USES: Raw & Screened Sewage – Primary & Activated Sludge – Surface and Storm Water – Power Station Re-circulation – Dock Dewatering & Impounding – General Industrial Duties – Abrasive and Non-Abrasive Slurries


Pump Condition Monitor

Brochure here



BPL’s Condition Monitor is designed to provide local operators with the status of various protection devices and performance indicators fitted into modern submersible pumps.

USES: Outboard Seal status  - Inboard Seal/Terminal Box status  - Bearing Temperature indication  - Motor Winding status  - Motor Run/Stop  - Signal cable integrity

Siphon Breaker Valve

Brochure here


 Take advantage of Nature


siphon breaker


The two illustrations on the left are for exactly the same application; the first shows a typical installation with a free discharge. The second takes advantage of siphonic recovery, and in so doing, offers a significant reduction in pump head and power.

The concept of siphonic assistance has been around for centuries, but is often overlooked for pumping applications. By submerging the outlet of the discharge pipe, the pump static head is reduced simply to the difference between the sump water level and the discharge surface water level.

Traditionally, this method has been widely used in the Land Drainage industry, but can equally be used in many other applications. All that is required is a slight modification to the pipework design and the installation of a siphon breaker valve. The benefits are recouped whenever the plant is running.







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