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Engineering for Flood Control

CW Group are the UK's leading designers and manufacturers of weed screen cleaners. In recent years our innovative designs have solved numerous site challenges. Our services encompass design, engineering, controls, installation and maintenance. We also specialise in the refurbishment of weed screen cleaners and lock gates/ sluices. Trust CW Group with your next water management engineering project or refurbishment and you know it will be a job well done. Call us today for sound advice and competitive prices.

Products and Services



CW Group manufacture weedscreens for culvert and pumping station protection against weed and trash blockage.

All screens are made to customer specification or CW standard for replacement or new installations.

Screens can be manufactured in mild steel galvanised or other material for either supply only or fully installed

The photos show an installation of screen and platform over the River Tove at Watling Street Culverts, Towcester just off the A5. Work also involved a reinforced concrete structure, tanking of walls and ‘rip rap’ bank protection.

Weed Screen Cleaners


The CW2500 & CW5000/7500 have been designed to operate reliably for many years with the minimum amount of maintenance. All traditional maintenance routines have been eliminated by careful design, other than inspections to check the need to repair or replace items. For example:
Motorized hoist drum houses the motor in a sealed environment, 50,000 hrs. maintenance intervals (only requires oil change).

Self lubricated: water lubricated bushes and sealed bearings eliminate the need for greasing.

The traverse drive is controlled by an inverter which provides greater speed control resulting in a reliable, durable trolley traverse with precise positioning. The use of solid drive wheels eliminates the need to check or replace wheels. The traverse gearbox has been sized so that the oil does not need to be changed during the life of the machine.

Sluices and Locks


CW Group carry out all types of refurbishment, repair, maintenance and replacement work on sluice gates and lock gates including gearbox service work up to full power transmission replacement.



CW Group design and supply GRP and anti slip walkways.

Safety Platforms: Safety First


The Environment Agency has recognised the need for safety platforms on guillotine sluice gates and similar structures. It is no longer acceptable that a worker can simply lean his ladder against the structure to carry out service work or repairs.

CW Group of King’s Lynn has completed a number of these projects including two guillotine sluice gate maintenance platforms at Broom near Biggleswade and Thornborough near Stony Stratford.

The challenge was to design, manufacture and complete installation with the minimum disturbance to local nature, site tranquillity and, in residential areas, the neighbours. These factors and the often limited site access rule out the use of a crane and other construction equipment. The only option therefore is skilled workers, scaffolding and the observance and implementation of best practise re. health and safety.

The platforms were totally manufactured within CW’s workshop significantly reducing any environmental impact from construction equipment.  CAD design ensured that the components were accurate to achieve efficient installation.

The walkway schemes received regular visits and checks throughout the installation from the Environment Agency who have communicated their high levels of satisfaction to CW Group regarding the company’s trained staff, site tidiness and safety. Similarly the residents at Thornborough Mill were happy that they were not disturbed or left with an untidy site.

“Both projects were completed like a dream resulting in our client congratulating us on a job well done” said Dickey Dye of CW Group. “There are many stories of Health & Safety, some make us smile, some exasperate us but overall, in our business, Health & Safety for our operatives and client personnel is extremely important to us. It’s at the same level of importance as engineering principles. 

“We have been working with the EA for many years on numerous water management systems, consequently safety and environmental procedures are part and parcel of our ethos and we have come to recognise that there are real benefits to be gained from their implementation. HSE procedures do actually help us with the planning and execution of these projects in remote areas where we do not want heavy plant disturbing the environment.  We work to HS & E considerations on all our projects, our customers appreciate it… and so do we”.



We work with a local control panel specialist to meet the specific needs of our water management customers.

Control panels are design and manufacture to EN60204-12:2006 standard and in accordance with Quality Management System BS EN ISO9001:2000.

Safety circuits and equipment are designed and manufactured in accordance with functional safety standards EN IEC 62061.



We have extensive experience in all types of fabrication including complex and heavyweight structures, confidently handling up to 5 tonne fabrications.  Shop floor operatives are experienced in all grades of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium, and used to working to close tolerances and customer specifications.

Welding: MIG, TIG and MMA, for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Coded to B4871.

Pipework: we carry out all types of pipe fitting and welding.

Plant moving & installation: we move and install plant, equipment and associated services, from one piece to complete production or process lines.

Fitting & maintenance: we carry out fitting & general maintenance on a job basis as well as on a daywork basis.

We maintain a separate, well-equipped light machining facility, specialising in widely varying and often complex work, ranging from breakdown repair work using old parts as pattern to close tolerance work from engineering drawings.