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Eliquo Hydrok ’Surface Water Management Systems’ offer an alternative approach to traditional drainage methods which can lead to flooding issues. The Eliquo Hydrok portfolio of techniques effectively help to manage drainage at source, with the aim to detain run-off and release it slowly into watercourses or to ground helping to alleviate flooding problems.

Eliquo Hydrok provides an integrated approach to surface water design problems, which consider quality, quantity and amenity aspects equally. They are committed to offer engineers a suite of integrated solutions for flow control, flood alleviation and flood protection, engineered to provide the total solution “Treatment Train” from screening and filtration of surface water to the storage and control of flows back into the water course.


Products and Services

Flow Control

HydroSlide Flow Control Regulators

Hydroslide river 2 Hydroslide man  hydroslide river 1

A proven cost effective technique for controlling surface water and river flows whilst alleviating flooding

The family of HydroSlide flow regulators accurately control discharge flows to +/- 5% throughout the impounding head range enabling optimum discharge of the storage system. This reduces the footprint of the required storage to a minimum and saving on land and construction costs. HydroSlides can be configured to provide varying stepped’ flow rates to cater for discharge from increasing storm return flow outputs, further optimising tank design.

  • Maximises permissible downstream flows
  • Adjustable to + 30% from design flow
  • Minimises upstream storage through constant discharge
  • Simplifying design and construction of dam structures
  • Manufactured to meet any design requirements
  • Non-powered mechanical control
  • Included in Micro Drainage software 


Hydroslide Flow Control Regulators PDF Download

Hydroslide River Flow Control PDF Download

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Flood Protection



Stoplogs Paris  stop log road  stoplog gates

With the risk of flooding and subsequent damage to property increasing, effective systems for flood protection are required for private and commercial property owners. The StopLog system was developed to replace the outdated and labour intensive "sand bag" method of property protection, to provide a robust, efficient, easy to install flood barrier, simply fitted along highways, into door openings, warehouse doorways etc.

Hydroslide Stop Logs PDF Download

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Storm Water Attenuation

HydroBend Variable Weir

Hydrobend 2  hydrobend 1  hydrobend 3

Maximises storage capacity within the surface water system

Surface water systems often challenge the engineer with regards to maintaining water levels within storm water attenuation systems. Maintaining maximum top water levels during storm conditions, without creating additional surcharging, is not achievable via the construction of traditional static weirs. The Hydrobend variable weir offers a self regulating solution to this problem. As flow increases the HydroBend weir progressively alters the weir edge to maintain a constant top water level.

HydroBend Variable Weir PDF Download

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Hydrok CWF Flushing

CWF 1  CWF 2  CWF 3

The CWF Storm FlushTM is a simple method for sediment removal. Storm water is held in reserve in the storage reservoir, filled during the tank filling process. At the end of a storm event and after the system has emptied, the retained flushing water is isreleased via the vacuum break within the flushing vessel. This creates a RFP (Roughing, Fine and Polishing) staged flushing regime which mixes and carries the sediment from the base of the tank to the receiving sump.


Hydrok CWF Flushing PDF Download

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Flow Screening


Hydrok SUDScreen


The Hydrok SUDScreen provides an efficient inline or offline surface water seperator capable of capturing fine sediments and contaminants prior to the storm water storage system and receiving water course. Reduces site maintenance requirements, protects storage system from siltation, prevents blockages of the outflow control and protects the environment from foul spills. 


Hydrok SUDScreen PDF Download

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