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Company Profile

Ham Baker Adams can offer the most comprehensive range of flow control equipment in the world.

The traditional cast iron ranges have been the mainstay of the industry and the development of Ham Baker has created several standard ranges which cover a wide variety of types, sizes and operating conditions. 

However the wealth of experience gives Ham Baker Adams the ability to design and manufacture penstocks for any duty or size.

Products and Services

Flow control


Ham Baker Adams offers a comprehensive range of flow control equipment, including: 






Our standard range includes sizes from 100mm to more than 3000mm, but each Ham Baker Adams penstock is individually designed to specific customer requirements

Download Penstocks PDF        Download Ductile Iron Circular Flap Valves PDF





Flap Valve


Flap Valves

Cast iron, Ductile iron or Coplastix. Fabricated stainless steel, galvanised mid, plastic frame and door.
Circular or rectangular design.

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Flexible Flap Valves


Flexible Flap Valves

Reinforced Coplastix-GP high performance natural rubber compound. 500mm to 1500mm square or any rectangular size within.

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Stop log



Stop Logs

Aluminium or Coplastix. Stainless steel frame as standard. Corrosion resistant. Lightwieght constructio

Download Stop Logs PDF       Download Coplastix® Stop Logs PDF





Hand stops


Hand Stops

Stainless steel or steel combined with the latest synthetic materials. Standard size range: 100mm to 000mm square or any rectangular size within.

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Ancillary Equipment

Floating Arms

Decanting Arms

Hydrostatic Bellmouths

Venilating Columns

Sludge Plugs

Air Valves


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Installation, Maintenance and Refurbishment of all makes and models of fluid control equipment


Ham Baker Adams Fastrack


The ‘Fastrack’ portfolio is a rapid supply Penstock valves and Flap Valve range which has been set up as demand for ‘one stop shop’ services and high accessibility of stock in the water and wastewater industry has grown. These are now available on a five day lead time which compares with five to ten weeks for similar competitive products. 

For further information on Ham Baker Adam’s FASTRACK, and stockists of the Ham Baker Adams products please call the hot line +44 (0)1782 203676.