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Fact sheets

Company Profile


IBS Engineered Products Ltd specialise in the design, supply and installation of flow control and flood protection equipment.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of IBS Industriebarrieren Brandschutztechnik Planungs- und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, whose headquarters are in Thierhaupten, Germany.

We have a long and unrivalled history of providing large scale flood protection systems, Including the installation of over 1000 linear metres of glass wall systems in Europe and over 100,000 m2 of demountable and temporary flood barriers worldwide. 

This includes major flood protection projects at Bewdley and Shrewsbury, which were the first large scale demountable flood defence systems of their type in the UK and are still successfully working today due to the high quality of finished product we supplied.

Our core business is split in to two major product areas, that of Flow Control and Flood Defence.

  • Our Flow Control products primarily include the supply and installation of penstocks and stoplogs, which are predominantly used in the water, wastewater, flood control and waterways industries.
  • The main products in our Flood Defence product portfolio are demountable flood defences, flood gates and our innovative glass wall flood protection system.

IBS supply a range of Penstocks, Stop Logs and Bellmouths which can be used in many different applications including water and wastewater treatment plants, sewers, industrial effluent plants, flood control projects, waterways, rivers and hydro-electric plants. 

Our flow control equipment is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the latest issue of DIN 19704 – Hydraulic Steel Structures, whilst also ensuring that our penstocks meet the requirements of the most recent issue of BS 7775. 

The IBS group have been supplying penstocks and stoplogs extensively throughout Europe since 1994, meaning that we have almost 20 years experience in their design and manufacture. We work closely with consultants, contractors and government agencies to ensure that they receive the best possible advice when designing their projects.IBS Penstocks

Products and Services

IBS Flow Control Equipment


Penstocks are used for the isolation and control of the flow of liquid in numerous applications including

  • water and wastewater treatment plants
  • industrial effluent plants
  • flood control
  • sewers
  • waterways
  • rivers
  • and hydro-electric plants



IBS stoplogs are ideal for use when a conventional penstock is excessive in design and cost. They can be used temporarily for diverting flows whilst carrying out maintenance or for creating a weir wall. 
Stoplogs, like penstocks, are used in a wide variety of installations including water and wastewater treatment plants, power stations, flood control and waterways.




IBS Flood Protection Systems


Demountable Flood Protection Systems

The IBS demountable flood protection system enables the erection of a temporary flood defence wall to protect against flooding whilst leaving the landscape largely unchanged during normal circumstances. It is used in many applications including community flood protection, road and railway closures, industrial and commercial premises and also coastal flood protection schemes. 

  • Lightweight aluminium posts and beams for ease of transport and installation
  • Quick and simple installation with minimal tools
  • Long product lifespan due to high quality materials
  • Free standing aluminium posts up to 3m flood height
  • Complete logistics planning can be provided for each system
  • Partial installation of beams for lower flood levels



Temporary Barriers

IBS K-System

The IBS K-System was awarded the prestigious BSI Kite mark PAS 1188-2 in March 2006. It is a temporary flood protection barrier which is completely mobile and that does not require any permanent fixings for installation on tarmac up to a flood height of 1.3m, meaning it can be installed flexibly in different locations according to flooding. 
The K-system works with the pressure of the flood water, which applies a downward force on the beams thus ensuring the stability and flood protection properties of the barrier.




gGlass Walls for Flood Defence

The IBS glass wall flood defence system (or flood glazing) is used where permanent flood protection is required but where the visual impact of a traditional flood defence wall is not suitable for the surrounding area. The system has been used extensively throughout Europe with individual panel lengths in excess of 3m and heights in excess of 2m. 

The IBS glass wall is extremely robust and uses the same aluminium post profiles and EPDM seals as the tried and trusted IBS demountable flood defence system. All parts are interchangeable, easily replaceable and maintenance free (apart from the occasional clean if the panels experience a build up of dirt).



gFlood Defence Products for Buildings

With flooding occurring more frequently than ever in the UK, home and business owners are increasingly looking to protect their properties using simple flood protection methods.

Flood Protection for Garages

Windows are protected from flood with demountable barriersIBS provide a number of easy to use flood defence solutions which are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial properties and include 

  • The IBS demountable flood barrier
  • Hinged flood flaps
  • Removable flood plates


dFlood Doors

Flood Doors are used for building apertures where flood water can exceed the height of the door opening and where a high degree of water-tightness is required. 

Standard single leaf IBS flood doors are designed for opening sizes up to 2500mm x 2500mm and to withhold an on-seating static water head of 4m. The standard door is designed with a 120mm high threshold at the bottom and is available in the following materials:




gFlood Gates

Flood Gates are often used in coastal and inland environments to close off roads, railroads or pedestrian access within permanent concrete floodwalls as well as earthen dams and dykes in case of a flood.

A flood gate is usually a bespoke solution and the design and material depend on the different project specific circumstances: 

  • Aperture Size – Length and Height
  • Design Criteria – Hydrostatic Water Head, Impact Load, Wave Impact, etc.
  • Environment – Coastal or Inland Environment




sSpill Barriers

Spill barriers are used for quick locking and blocking of building apertures to prevent uncontrolled spilling of water-hazardous substances in case of an emergency in example spillage of contaminated fire water from burning buildings.