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Company Profile

Land and Water is an award-winning group of companies specialising in marine based civil engineering, dredging and remediation projects.

Based in Albury in Surrey the Group has five main operating divisions.

    Land & Water Plant

    operates the largest fleet of specialist long reach excavators and inland floating plant in the UK, available for hire anywhere in the world 

    Land & Water Contracting Services

    provides specialist aquatic construction and development services including dredging, erosion control and remediation.

    Land & Water Marina Developments

    develops and manages Marinas throughout the UK.  

    Land & Water Private Clients

    provides design, construction and maintenance services to home owners wishing to build advanced water features such as lakes or pounds.  


    is a supplier of Environmental products and services essential to many aspects of aquatic construction.

The Land and Water Group also provides full environmental consulting services as well as Licensing and Consent services.

Land and Water is a major share holder in LC Energy, a provider of Biomass fuel and Biomass Systems for heating.