MV Ever Given Successfully Refloated

The MV Ever Given cargo ship which ran aground on the Suez Canal, Egypt, and caused a traffic jam was successfully refloated.

As reported by Reuters on Monday (29/3), according to reports, some of the hulls of the MV Ever Given successfully refloated. The crew tried to restart the engine of the ship, which was one of the largest in the world.

In video footage circulating on social media, the bow of the ship appears to have successfully floated in the evacuation process.

Several people seemed to be clapping and expressing joy after the ship floated back. The sound of the horn of the ship was also heard shouting to each other.

The ship must correct its position before continuing the voyage. The ship will also be inspected first before being allowed to sail through the canal.


According to data from the shipping site VesselFinder, the status of the Ever Given ship is currently on the way. The ship is sailing again.

The ship ran aground because it was hit by strong winds while on the entrance route of the Suez Canal.

The position of the 400 meters longship is transversely so that it prevents other ships from entering the canal.

The managing director of the Suez Canal (SCA), Osama Rabie. Is considering giving discounts on passage rates for other ships waiting in line to pass through the canal.

Rabie said they are losing around the US $ 13 million to the US $ 14 million in a day due to the incident.

Currently, 369 vessels are queuing up at the mouth of the Suez Canal. They consist of cargo ships carrying containers or other goods, oil tankers to natural gas .

Congestion in the Suez Canal hampered Asian and European shipping lanes and helped boost oil prices. Because of this oil prices rises to a terrifying degree.