Myanmar Junta Leader Officially Not Invited to ASEAN Summit

ASEAN has officially stated that it will not invite the leader of Myanmar’s military junta, Min Aung Hlaing, to a high-level conference (Summit) to be held on October 26-28. In its statement on Saturday (16/10), ASEAN stated that it would only “invite non-political representatives from Myanmar” to the summit.

Reuters reported that Brunei Darussalam as the current chairman of ASEAN made the decision today, Saturday (16/10).


Myanmar Junta

Brunei stated that they took the decision because ASEAN did not reach a consensus at the meeting held the day before, Friday (15/10). A number of sources told Reuters that after the meeting, ASEAN decided not to invite Min Aung Hlaing because Myanmar had not shown a commitment to implementing the five consensus agreements agreed at the previous summit in Jakarta.

The consensus points include that violence in Myanmar must be stopped immediately, constructive dialogue to find a peaceful solution, and ASEAN will facilitate mediation.

In addition, the consensus also stated that ASEAN should be given access to distribute humanitarian aid to Myanmar through the AHA Center. In addition, ASEAN will also send special envoys to Myanmar.

However, according to the majority of ASEAN members, including Indonesia, Myanmar has not shown progress in fulfilling the five consensus points.


Latest Update

ASEAN began to move to pressure Myanmar after a military coup broke out in the country on February 1. Since then, Myanmar has been in the brink of conflict.

People continue to hold protests which are often met with violence by the Myanmar junta. A number of armed militias also began to take up arms in support of the people’s movement. Bloody wars in various areas of Myanmar were unavoidable.

Based on data from the monitoring group Aid Association for Political Prisoners of Myanmar (AAPP), at least 1,178 lives have been lost and 9,014 others have been detained by the military junta since the coup broke out.


Source: Reuters and CNN. Stay tuned for more international news about Myanmar Junta.