Young Man Imprisoned for Raping Minor

Young Man Imprisoned for Raping Minor

Young Man Imprisoned for Raping Minor. Personnel from the Women’s and Child Protection Unit (PPA) of the Banda Aceh Police Criminal Investigation Unit arrested DW (22), Monday (24/5) night. This young Banda Aceh resident was arrested for having sex with or raping a 16 year old boy whom he knew via Instagram.

DW’s arrest based on Police News Report: LPB / 190 / V / YAN. 2.5 / 2021 / SPKT / Polresta Banda Aceh / Polda Aceh on May 3, 2021. “We arrested DW last night at one of the Gampong Peuniti coffee shops (Banda Aceh), based on the characteristics stated in the report reported by the victim’s family. , “said Kasatreskrim Banda Aceh Police AKP M Ryan Citra Yudha, Tuesday (25/5).

He explained that cases of rape or intercourse with minors began with the victim’s introduction to DW through Instagram social media on Monday (5/4 /). The two exchanged phone numbers. They also met for the first time on the same day.

Four days after getting acquainted, DW picked up the victim in the hallway of his house, also in Banda Aceh. He took the victim to Kaye Lheu Village, Mau Jaya District, Aceh Besar, which was recognized as the home of his brother.

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The Seduction

“That’s where the perpetrator seduces the victim to have sex. DW entices the victim by saying he will marry later,” said Ryan Citra Yudha.

DW then returned to seducing the victim to commit a similar act; at the same location on Monday (19/4) and Monday (26/4). However, the relationship between the two was discovered by the family after the victim reported DW’s actions.

The victim’s family then reported the incident to the police. “Referring to the Aceh Qanun Number 6 of 2014 concerning the Law of Jinayat, this case is categorized as rape; and if in a criminal case it is charged with intercourse with a minor,” said Ryan.

Exhibitionist Visiting People's Home in Binjai

Exhibitionist Visiting People’s Home in Binjai

Exhibitionist Visiting People’s Home in Binjai. People in Binjai Subdistrict, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra (Sumut), were shocked by a man without clothes wearing only a head covering and came to the houses of a number of residents, Sunday (23/5) in the morning. The action of the man whose identity was not yet known was caught on a CCTV camera and then went viral on social media.

Head of Public Relations of the Binjai Police, AKP Siswanto Ginting, confirmed the incident. “After checking the location, it was true that the incident was in Hamlet I Sendang Rejo Village, Binjai District, Langkat Regency,” Siswanto said, Monday (24/5).

Siswanto explained that the naked man was reported to have visited a number of residents’ houses, one of which belonged to Mulyadi. Initially Mulyadi and his wife were asleep. The wife heard a voice from behind the window of her house.

“Mulyadi was awakened by his wife and after that he looked at the CCTV in the room. Then, he saw that there was a man without clothes and wearing an orange headgear opening the window of his room but after that he left,” he explained.

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Other Reports

Not only that, the police also received reports from other residents in the village. Herliyanti, who is a neighbor of Mulyadi, also experienced the same thing. At that time Herliyanti, who had just finished praying, heard that someone had entered her house.

“Suspicious of someone entering the room, Herliyanti then turned around, then woke up and saw a man without clothes wearing an orange headgear in his room,” said Siswanto.

Herliyanti suddenly screamed for help. The mysterious man then fled from behind the house.

“After that Mrs. Herliyanti and several residents searched around the back of the house. Then, it was found that the headgear worn by the man without clothes was on fire,” said Siswanto.

Until now, the police are still trying to investigate the naked man who was caught on the CCTV camera. Local residents were also advised to conduct patrols in order to anticipate a similar incident occurring again.

“To the Head of Hamlet I, Sendang Rejo Village, Suriandi, was asked to make a night patrol so that there would be no more such incidents,” said Siswanto.

Previously, a 32-second video on social media showed a naked man entering a resident’s home page. The mysterious man was seen opening the windows of the residents’ houses. However, due to the difficulty of opening it, he went by the side of the house.

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Thief Caught After The Third Act

Thief Caught After The Third Act

Thief Caught After The Third Act. The Bitung Police Security Unit revealed the theft case at the house of Maimuna Lamato, a resident of Bitung Barat Satu Village, Maesa District, Bitung City, North Sulawesi, which occurred on Saturday (9/1).

Three theft perpetrators were arrested by officers. Two suspects, namely BI (17) and KD (18) were arrested in the early hours of Thursday (20/5) at different locations in Bitung City. Meanwhile, another actor, SS (21), was arrested some time before because he was also involved in a sharp weapons case.

Maimua reported at the Bitung Police Station two days after the incident. He reported the loss of a number of valuables, with a total loss of around Rp. 15.6 million.

Two weeks later, BI returned to action in the same location. Together with a friend with the initials FB. BI stole the red-black Vivo Y7 brand cellphone.

Feeling that the action had been safe so far, BI stole again at the same house on Wednesday (20/5) at around 04.30 WITA.

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The Invitation

This time BI invited KD who was in charge of overseeing the situation around the victim’s house. Meanwhile, BI entered the victim’s house through the kitchen. Then tease the green Realmi 5i cellphone that is being charged in the room. This time the BI action was caught by the victim’s son.

BI who was panicked then ran hurriedly through the kitchen. He dumped the evidence around the drinking water refill depot.

Head of Public Relations of the North Sulawesi Police, Kombes Pol Jules Abraham Abast, said information from the Bitung Police that BI has been in action four times at the same location. So far, the officers have only secured the evidence in the form of a keyboard. Meanwhile, a number of other pieces of evidence are still being searched by officers.

“It is suspected that the evidence was lost when hidden by the suspect, and has also been sold to other people,” said Abast.

Abast added that the suspects and their keyboard evidence had been secured at the Bitung Police Headquarters for further examination.

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Six Pimp Caught Trafficking in Tangerang

Six Pimp Caught Trafficking in Tangerang

Six Pimp Caught Trafficking in Tangerang. The South Tangerang District Prosecutor’s Office detailed the roles of the 6 suspects handed over by the Attorney General’s Office; and the Police Headquarters Criminal Investigation Unit, in the Crime of Trafficking in Persons (TPPO) at the Karaoke Executive, Venice BSD, South Tangerang.

The six people named as suspects were charged with Law Number 21 of 2007 concerning the Eradication of the Crime of Trafficking in Persons (TPPO) in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph (1) 1st of the Criminal Code (KUHP) with a maximum imprisonment of 15 years. and a fine of Rp. 600 million.

Lastly “It’s just waiting for the trial schedule at the Tangerang District Court. Because of that whole law is being suspected of the eradication of the Crime of Human Trafficking,” said Head of Intelligence at the South Tangerang District Court, Ryan Anugrah, confirmed on Saturday (22/5).

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Firstly according to him, based on the results of the investigation by the National Police Criminal Investigation Unit, the six suspects were pimps; and management of the Karaoke Executive Spa and Hotel Venice.

“The suspect is on behalf of Taufik Triatmo bin Tasmiarjo, the first indictment of article 2 in conjunction with article 48 paragraph (1), the second indictment of article 12 in conjunction with article 48 paragraph (1), the third indictment of article 296 of Law 21 of 2007 on TPPO in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph (1 ) Criminal Code 1. The second suspect Riva Abadi Bin Madidu; and the third suspect Yatim Suarto Bin Sanwiraji are charge with the same article, “said Ryan.

He explained that the three suspects were the management of the Venice Executive Karaoke business. The three of them have their respective roles.

Like Taufik Triatno acting as operational marketing manager, Riva Abadi as karaoke operational manager; and lastly Yatim Suarto as General Manager Spa and karaoke. Meanwhile, the other three suspects; said Ryan, were Muncikari, because of that who was know by 47 female song guides at the place of business, as mami.

“These are their mothers; on behalf of Karlina Alias ​​mami Gisel, Astri Mega Purnamasari alias mami, Yana Rahmana alias mami Feby. The three Muncikari suspects are charge with the same article as the three manager suspects,” said Ryan.

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Truck Driver Raped and Killed 2 Teenage Girls

Truck Driver Raped and Killed 2 Teenage Girls

Truck Driver Raped and Killed 2 Teenage Girls. The truck driver, YT alias T (41) was arrested by the Regional Police Unit Resmob Subdit 3 Jatanras Ditreskrimum Polda NTT. He is the perpetrator of the murder of Yuliana Apriani Welkis (19), a teenage girl from Tuasene Hamlet, Noelmina Village, Takari District, Kupang Regency, East Nusa Tenggara.

Yuliana Apriani Welkis, who is usually called Nani Welkis, was murdered for refusing to have sex by the YT perpetrator, whom she knew through Facebook. Even the YT perpetrator has the heart to have sex with the body of Nani Welkis, who is already lying stiff.

After being investigate, it turned out that it was not only Nani Welkis. Marsela Bahas (18), a resident of Oenesu Village, West Kupang District, Kupang Regency, was also a victim of YT’s crime.

Marsela Bahas’ body was find with stab wounds and partially open clothes in a bush, Thursday (25/2) morning.

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The Statement

Based on the statement of the Head of RT 09 / RW 05, Oenesu Village, Maxen Sollu; before being find dead, a second grade student of SMA Negeri Kupang Barat say goodbye to his mother, Wednesday (24/2) at around 13.00 WIB. He admitted that his father order him to go to the garden to move their cattle.

However, Marsela never returned home. At around 16.00 WIB, his father came home and asked where Marsela was. His wife explained that their son had gone to move the cattle according to his father’s orders.

“The father said that he did not order it like that. According to the victim’s mother, after the virtual school was implemented, their children took care of their two cows on a daily basis,” explained Maxen who was met at the funeral home, Friday (26/2).

Her worried mother starts looking for Marsela to a neighbor’s house. However, until 19.00 WIB, the victim did not return home, so he informed the village apparatus.

“We immediately moved to look around the village until 11 o’clock in the evening; but the results were still to no avail. All of us who were looking for agreed to continue this Thursday (25/2) morning,” said Maxen.

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4 Fishermen Caught Carrying Explosives

4 Fishermen Caught Carrying Explosives

4 Fishermen Caught Carrying Explosives. Patrol boat KP Anggada-7016 belonging to the National Police Headquarters arrested 4 fishermen in the waters of Sorong, West Papua. They were caught carrying explosives to catch fish in the Raja Ampat area.

Commander KP Anggada-7016 Kompol Zuhdi Ghozali said his party found a fishing boat with four suspicious crew while patrolling Sorong waters on Wednesday (19/5). The ship was order to stop.

“However, the ship did not stop and fled faster and faster, so it was pursue and stop,” he said in Sorong, Thursday (20/5).

The four people on board the fishing boat were immediately secure. Then a joint case title was held with the West Papua Police Directorate for Law Enforcement for further legal proceedings.

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He added that based on the results of initial interrogations, the four perpetrators admitted that they would carry out a fish bombing in the Misool area, Raja Ampat Regency.

Separately, the Head of the Sub-Division of Law Enforcement of the West Papua Police Directorate for Police, Commissioner Syarifur Rahman, said that his party had received the delegation of four fish bombing perpetrators along with evidence from KP Anggada-7016 Police Headquarters.

“We have conducted a case title; and have been prove to comply with the elements of Article 1 paragraph (1) of Law Number 12 Year 1951 with the threat of 20 years in prison; so that further legal proceedings are require,” he said as quoted by Antara.

He stated that two of the four perpetrators admitted to being minors, namely 15 and 16 years. His party will check residence documents, family cards and birth certificates to ensure their age.

“If it is true that they are still minors; then the two perpetrators will be subject to diversion as regulated in the juvenile criminal justice system. Meanwhile, the two adult offenders will still be prosecute,” he explained.

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Samarinda Police Thwarted Circulation of Drugs

Samarinda Police Thwarted Circulation of Drugs

Samarinda Police Thwarted Circulation of Drugs. The Samarinda Police Narcotics Detective Unit thwarted the circulation of 13.5 kg of crystal methamphetamine valued at not less than IDR 13 billion. When they were in action, the police had disguised themselves as online motorcycle taxi (ojol) drivers. Two suspected traffickers, Burhanuddin and Sari (42) were name suspects and are currently in prison.

The two perpetrators who were arrest last Monday (17/5) have become the target of police operations (TO) in the past month. Officers first arrested Sari with evidence of around 2 kg of crystal methamphetamine, followed by Burhanuddin with 10 kg of crystal methamphetamine.

“We undercovered, disguised as an online motorcycle taxi. Perpetrator S (Sari) we secured it after we intercepted on the road. And perpetrator B was at his house. Ten kilograms of crystal methamphetamine were in the box (clothes),” said Samarinda Police Chief Kombes Pol Arif Budiman, Wednesday (19/5).

From the investigation, a total of 13.5 kg of crystal methamphetamine value at not less than IDR 13 billion was sent from Tawau, Malaysia. “The goal is to spread in Samarinda. Throughout history, Samarinda is the largest,” said Arif.

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“They claim to be couriers, and this is the first time delivery. Delivery control uses cell phones. But of course we will continue to examine the information,” explained Arif.

Both are known as new players in the drug business. Uniquely, it was not the money promise by the dealer, but in exchange for shabu.

“They were promise a wage of 3 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine, if it was deliver at the address according to the destination. We are still investigating who is the actor behind this large quantity of crystal methamphetamine delivery,” said Arif.

Still convey by Arif, there was no resistance when the two officers were arrest by officers. “Nearly 1.5 years as Kapolresta, we have succeeded in expressing nearly 20 kg of crystal methamphetamine. This shows that Samarinda is a land for the drug business,” said Arif.

The two perpetrators, who were now name suspects, thrown in jail after being charge by investigators with Law No. 35/2009 on Narcotics. “The threat of the death penalty,” concluded Arif.

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Female Foreign Worker Abused and Trafficked in Saudi

Female Foreign Worker Abused and Trafficked in Saudi. Arini Binti Ayas was finally able to return to set foot in the country. For 10 years working as a migrant worker in Saudi Arabia, not a happy story to come by. Instead, she was treated inhumanely by her employer for years.

Arini has now returned to her hometown in Cirebon, West Java. He arrived in Indonesia on Tuesday (18/5 /) night.

During her years of working in other countries, Arini admitted that she was often treat unfairly to the worst, becoming a victim of sexual harassment by her own employer.

“Yes, I can’t stand my frequent sexual harassment by my employer and for 10 years being trafficked by the employer,” said Arini Binti Ayas, sharing her story when she arrived at Terminal 3 of Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Tuesday night.

Due to the painful incident he felt, Arini complained about his bad experience to BP2MI. In order to be return to Indonesia.

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The Gratefulness

“Alhamdulillah, I can go back to Indonesia. Thank you Mr. Benny (Head of BP2MI),” he said.

On the same occasion, Acting Deputy for Placement and Protection of the European and Middle East Regions of BP2MI, Firdaus Zazali, emphasized that BP2MI immediately took steps after receiving complaints and public reports regarding the unfair treatment received by Indonesian migrant workers (PMI). In Arini’s case, BP2MI then coordinated Arini’s return with the Indonesian Embassy to immediately facilitate Arini’s return to Indonesia.

“Today we pick up at the airport and I represent Mr. Benny as the leader who was unable to attend,” he said.

Firdaus explained that, Arini Binti Ayas went to work abroad since 2010. He works for Saudi Arabia with an official agency facility registered by the Government.

From Arini’s complain during her 10 years working in Saudi Arabia, she has often been treat unfairly to harassment by her employer against her.

“During the 10 years working as a household assistant, she has change employers many times, because she is being trade. Arini was also sexually harass by her employer,” said Firdaus.

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Police Investigate Boyolali Boat Overturn Case

Police Investigate Boyolali Boat Overturn Case

Police Investigate Boyolali Boat Overturn Case. The Regional Police (Polda) of Central Java (Central Java) scheduled a case title to determine the suspect in the case of the boat overturning and sinking which claimed nine victims in the Kedung Ombo reservoir, Boyolali Regency. The activity is planned to take place today, Tuesday (18/5).

“We will see the results of the case title from the investigator. If the case has been filed, it can be concluded from the investigation going up to the investigation, only to determine the suspect,” said Head of Public Relations of the Central Java Regional Police, Kombes Pol Iskandar Fitriana Sutisna, Monday.

He said that in this case the police had examined eight witnesses. The eight witness consisted of the tourist manager of the Kedung Ombo Reservoir, the boat driver, the owner of the floating restaurant, the village head, the entrance guard, the victim’s family, including the captain of the boat who was known to be a child under the age of 13.

“The boat captain is still the family of the floating restaurant owner himself. He was order by the owner of the floating shop to escort passengers to his restaurant, the distance is quite good,” he explain.

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Post Incident

After the incident, the location of tourist attractions in the Kedung Ombo Boyolai Reservoir was close by the Covid-19 Task Force.

“Because the Covid-19 Task Force found many visitors who came with more than 50 percent capacity. Of course they all violated health protocols,” he said.

Iskandar appealed to the public not to visit tourist attractions that already look crowded. And also to always improve health protocols considering that Covid-19 is increasing.

“I ask people who will visit tourist sites, pay attention to the number of visitors, and apply health protocols. If traveling to the water, pay attention to safety equipment such as buoys; as well as how much passenger capacity, it must be consider,” he conclude.

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Flood Submerged Hundreds of Houses in Bena Baru

The flood submerged hundreds of houses in Bena Baru Village, Sambaliung, in Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. The flood was made worse, allegedly due to the breakdown of the coal mine embankment of PT RUB, so that the flood height was more than 1 meter.

Berau Regent Sri Juniarsih visited the location of the flood, down to the location of the coal mine which is now level with the flood water level.

“The embankment has been broken, we need to talk to the company. Moreover, the mine and the river have merged. Maybe there is an effect of the broken embankment on the quality of water consumed by the community,” said Juniarsih, when met by reporters after the review, Sunday (16/5).


The crawling water level made it difficult for local residents to do their activities. “Because the water starts to reach the height of an adult’s waist. Unless people use boats,” said Juniarsih.

Beth, the head of Kampung Benua Baru explained that he had warned the company that the embankment was about 20 cm high, and had the potential to break the embankment.

“After this breakdown, I haven’t met the company again because the leadership is on leave. Especially now, electricity access has gone out because of a collapsed power pole,” Beth said.

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The coal embankment was breached

“The intensity of the rain here (in Bena Baru village) is not too high. But from the upstream, the rainfall is high. I continue to communicate with the villages upstream,” added Beth.

Still conveyed by Beth, in the vicinity of the flood, there is an open excavation of about 120 hectares of coal, with a depth estimated at 200 meters. “The embankment is not very feasible,” he explained again.

Meanwhile, Johan, a resident of Bena Baru village, said that at least 6 electric poles fell, which resulted in the blackout in his village, allegedly the impact of the PT RUB embankment breaking. “People cannot leave the house. Except for using a ketinting (motor boat),” said Johan.

“Our village has been flooded for two days. But the embankment burst at 3 in the morning. Some residents have already fled. Alhamdulillah, there were no casualties,” said Johan.

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Runaway Child Rapist Finally Arrested

Runaway Child Rapist Finally Arrested

Runaway Child Rapist Finally Arrested. The runaway NCP (27), the perpetrator of molestation against a seven year old girl, ended up in the hands of the Tomohon Police URC Totosik Team. NCP was arrested in the Talete Satu area, Central Tomohon, Tomohon City, North Sulawesi.

Information was obtain, the NPC molest the victim in the plantation area of ​​the East Tomohon area, Monday (19/4), at around 19.00 WITA. After molesting the runny boy, the man immediately ran away.

Meanwhile, the victim was just left at the scene of the crime until he found by his father. This incident was then report to the Tomohon Police.

The URC Totosik team led by Bripka Yanny Watung responded to the report by conducting an in-depth investigation.

The chases carry out in various locations that were frequently visited by perpetrators of sexual abuse, ranging from homes, plantations belonging to their families, to several other places in Tomohon City. But the perpetrator was never find.

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The Chase

Do not give up, the chase continues. On Friday (23/4), the team received information that the NCP was hiding in the Tondano area, Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi. Again he managed to escape when the team chased him in the area.

Then in the early hours of Thursday, the team again received information about the whereabouts of the NCP partying alcohol with his colleagues, in Talete Satu, Tomohon City. Not waiting long, the team headed straight for the location and managed to catch him without a fight.

The next day, the team took the perpetrator to the Rinegetan area, Minahasa Regency to look for evidence in the form of the clothes he was wearing at the time of the incident. But at that time he again tried to run away. The officers were force to immobilize the perpetrator by releasing a hot lead from his left leg.

Watung say, in 2016, he was also paralyze with hot lead; when he was about to be arrest, in a case of mistreatment using a sharp weapon.

“The perpetrator has been secure at the Tomohon Police Headquarters for further examination,” said Watung.

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Man Trying to Rape a Girl Gets Justice Instead

Man Trying to Rape a Girl Gets Justice Instead

Man Trying to Rape a Girl Gets Justice Instead. HF (29) is lying in the Aulia Hospital Pekanbaru. He was battered and fainted after being beaten by a mob for trying to rape the girl with the initials DM (19) at his rent. The incident took place on Jalan Taman Karya XV, Pekanbaru City, Thursday (13/5) evening at 21.00 WIB.

“At that time the victim had just come home from work at his rented house. Then after locking the door, he then went to the room and prepared to take a shower. When he wanted to enter the bathroom, the door was blocked in half. The victim thought the bucket and then he entered it turned out that the perpetrator was inside,” said Pekanbaru Police Chief Kombes Nandang Mu’min Wijaya to news media on Friday (14/5).

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The Strangulation

The perpetrator immediately strangled the victim. The victim had resisted and shouted for help until he fell. However, the perpetrator actually strangled the victim forcefully.

Seeing the victim fighting, the perpetrator took out a sharp weapon. He threatened by pointing the sharp weapon on the victim’s neck. The perpetrator forced the victim to drink water from the bottle so that the victim would sleep. DM actually struggled and screamed for help. The perpetrator had sexually harassed him by holding the victim’s body part.

“Because the victim continued to fight, the perpetrator pressed the knife harder against the victim’s neck. As a result, the victim suffered a neck wound. Then the perpetrator also had time to keep the victim’s mouth with the victim’s bra to be washed,” he said.

The local residents heard the screams of the victims. Residents came and broke the door of the rented house. They found the victim and the perpetrator in the back bathroom.

“While hugging the victim, the perpetrator threatened the residents by pointing a knife at the residents. The perpetrator threatened the residents by saying, ‘this is not your business, go away’,” said Nandang, imitating the perpetrator’s words.

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Fire Scorched Two Houses in Seranau

Fire Scorched Two Houses in Seranau

Fire scorched two houses in Seranau, Sampit, Kotawaringin Timur Regency, Central Kalimantan, Thursday (13/5). The incident occurred when the owner went to stay in touch on the day of Eid.

“The fire was fast enough. The cause is not yet known because the house has no occupants,” said Rudi, a local resident.

The fire broke out at 14.30 WIB on Jalan Mufakat, RT 07 / RW 03, Mentaya Seberang Village, Seranau District. This sub-district is not connected by road to the center of Sampit City, even though it is only separated by the Mentaya River.

The owner of the two houses is named Bris (83) and Slamet Aripin (42). At the time of the incident, the occupants of the two houses were in touch with a relative’s house which was not too far from their residence.

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Witness Statements

According to witnesses to the police, the fire was initially seen at Bris’s house. The fire then grew bigger and burned the house measuring 5 x 12 meters.

Only a few moments, the fire grew bigger and spread to Slamet Aripin’s house. It didn’t take long, the rooster crushed a house measuring 5 x 8 meters. The fire quickly grew because of the two wooden buildings.

The residents tried to extinguish the fire using basic equipment, including two portable water pumps.

The head of RT 07 Salimudin admitted that he did not know the cause of the fire. However, he suspected the flames had emerged from the electric short circuit.

“The victim was not cooking because the victim’s gas cylinder was empty,” said Salimudin, as reported by Antara.

There were no fatalities in the fire. However, all of the victims’ belongings in the house could not be saved.

Police are still investigating the incident. They are still collecting evidence and requesting testimony from a number of witnesses.

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519 Vehicle Returned Since The First Day of Ban

519 Vehicle Returned Since The First Day of Ban

519 Vehicle Returned Since The First Day of Ban. PT Hutama Karya (Persero) as the manager of the Trans Sumatra Toll Road (JTTS) recorded 519 reversed vehicles from 3,840 units of vehicles examined since the first day of the ban on going home and blocking at JTTS on May 6, 2021.

“The reversed vehicle is due to the fact that the owner of the vehicle is unable to show an exit and entry permit (SIKM) and a negative result of Covid-19 based on RT-PCR test max 3×24 hours / Rapid Antigen max 2×24 hours / negative result Genose C19,” said Executive Vice President (EVP) Operation and Maintenance Division of Toll Road (OPT) Hutama Karya, J. Aries Dewantoro in Pekanbaru, Wednesday (12/5).

He said that the total of the sealed vehicles was the accumulation of four insulating points in the JTTS which were located at the South Bakauheni Toll Gate (GT) on the Bakauheni – Terbanggi Besar Section, GT Simpang Pematang & GT Kayu Agung in the Terbanggi Besar – Pematang Panggang – Kayu Agung Section. and GT Dumai in the Pekanbaru – Dumai section.

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Aries Statements

Aries said, in the operation of all toll road segments being managed; it is mandatory for officers to wear masks and gloves; routinely spray disinfectants, provide hand washing areas in the rest area.

“Hutama Karya appealed to all road users to comply with the rules and regulations that apply on toll roads, drive in prime condition, check vehicle conditions, ensure sufficient electronic money balances before crossing the toll road,” he said as quoted by Antara.

Then, if a road user forgets to fill in the EU balance; he can use the HK Toll Apps application owned by Hutama Karya; which includes an electronic money balance check feature and can also top up balances.

In addition, it can report to the call center of each toll branch; if a crime occurs on the toll road or rest area.

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Resident Reported Missing in Cimanuk River

Resident Reported Missing in Cimanuk River

Resident reported missing in Cimanuk river. A resident of Sindangpalay Village, Karangpawitan Subdistrict, Garut Regency, West Java, Monday (10/5) was report missing while hanging around the Cimanuk river in the Banyuresmi District, Garut Regency. The missing resident is known as Tia (33).

Public Relations of the Bandung SAR Office, Sani said that his party receive a report that Tia was find  missing at around 14.00 WIB. “The victim was find to be ngabuburit by fishing around the Cimanuk River with his two siblings,” said Sani, Tuesday (11/5).

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Sani’s Revelation of the Incident

Sani reveal that the victim was know to have started fishing around 09.00 WIB. The victim is know to have lined up with other relatives on the riverbank with a distance of about 10 meters.

“At around 14.00 WIB, the victim’s brother moved to the fishing spot of the victim but apparently was not there. The two siblings did a search until 16.00 WIB but were not found,” he said.

It is suspected, said Sani, that Tia’s victim fell and drowned in the Cimanuk River, where he was fishing. The victim’s brother then asked the local people for help, and as of this morning the victim had not yet been dispatched.

Sani said that his party received the report, and immediately deployed a search and rescue team equipped with equipment. “The team in the field had a chance to search around the drowned location. After several hours of searching, the victim was finally find at the original location; where he was thought to have fallen and drown, “he said.

The victim Tia, explain Sani, was find dead at around 13.45 WIB. His body was immediately evacuate and taken to the funeral home to be buried and buried.

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Gold Mine in Kimbahan Destroyed in a Landslide

Gold Mine in Kimbahan Destroyed in a Landslide

Gold Mine in Kimbahan Destroyed in a Landslide. The gold mine in Kimbahan Nagari Abai, Sangir Batang Hari District, South Solok Regency, West Sumatra, landslide on Monday (10/5). Seven residents died as a result of the incident.

“One is still in the search process and nine other residents were injured by the incident,” said Head of the Emergency and Logistics Section, Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) South Solok Regency, Fikri, Tuesday (11/5).

According to Fikri, the gold mine in Kimbahan Nagari Abai landslide after being shower with high intensity rain from Sunday (9/5) afternoon to Monday (10/5) in the morning.

BPBD South Solok Regency together with elements of the TNI, Polri and the community immediately evacuated the victim after receiving a landslide report on the gold mine in Kimbahan Nagari Abai. The victim who found; then taken to the Bidar Alam Community Health Center.

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Fikri’s Statement About The Evacuation

Fikri say that the evacuation of the victim from the scene to the rescue vehicle; had experienced problems due to the landslide field conditions.

“Medan is quite difficult to evacuate victims from the crime scene to rescue cars,” he said.

Meanwhile, based on a visual report received by the Center for Control; and Operation (Pusdalops) of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), large rocks, soil material; and several pieces of logs were still visible at the scene. In addition, an excavator, suspected to belong to the miners, is still at the location.

According to BNPB InaRisk data, South Solok Regency is one of the areas with the potential for landslide disaster risk in the medium to high category index. There are seven sub-districts include in the Landslide Risk Area with a hazard area covering up to 208,764.

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Resident of Garut Trapped in Septic Tank

Resident of Garut Trapped in Septic Tank

Resident of Garut Trapped in Septic Tank. The death of three residents of Garut Kota Subdistrict, Garut Regency after being trapped in a 6 meter deep septic tank on Friday (7/5) left two children with deep sorrow. The two children had to lose their father and mother as well as their uncle at the same time in the incident.

Are Puput Fitria (12) and Aqil (5), two children who are now orphans and for the first time Eid without the presence of their beloved parents. Two of his parents, Ratna Sari and Roni, are known to have died after being trapped in a septic tank and inhaling poisonous gas in the hole.

When visited at his house on Sunday (9/5), both of them still showed a deep sadness, even though they tried to forget what they were facing by playing with their friends. Every now and then, his gaze was blank as if he was thinking about something who knows what it is.

Puput said that this year he will enter junior high school (SMP), while his younger sibling will enter early childhood education (PAUD). He shared that he and his younger siblings aspire to be pious and pious children. His mother, throughout his life, always reminded him not to leave the five daily prayers.

He told me that when the incident happened, his mother fell into the septic tank, at that time he and his sister were playing around the house. Previously, he knew that his mother was cleaning the grass in the grave at the back of the house.

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Puput does not know exactly how his mother got stuck; but what she does know is that her father tried to help her but she fell too. Afterwards, he got the news that his father and mother had died in the septic tank.

Knowing that his father and mother had died, Puput admitted that he and his younger siblings immediately cried. He did not expect that he would be abandoned; by his parents at once and had to spend Eid without his father and mother.

Not only did they lose their father and mother, Puput and Aqil also apparently lost their uncle, Jaka. Jaka at that time was known to want to save his brother who fell into a septic tank; but while trying to save him he inhaled poison gas; so that he fainted and fell drowned and was found dead.

Even though he is now an orphan, Puput admits that he; and his younger siblings want to go to school as high as possible and become successful people in the future. “I want to make you and you proud,” he said.

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Male Youth Went Missing in the Mahakam River

Male Youth Went Missing in the Mahakam River

Male Youth Went Missing in the Mahakam River. Irsal, a 20-year-old youth in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, went missing in the Mahakam River after jumping from Mahakam Kota (Mahkota) II Bridge. Previously he asked that no one be searched anymore.

The incident occurred at around 15.00 WITA. The victim, Irsal, is known to have returned from work to his house in the Sambutan area. Even so, he never arrived at his house.

Later it discovered, he had left a request message that surprised his family members at home. The family panicked.

“The victim conveyed a message that you don’t have to look for it again,” said Head of the Balikpapan Class A Search and Rescue Office, Melkianus Kotta, Saturday (8/5).

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The Irsal family also had time to trace Irsal’s whereabouts. It is known that he also asked his cousin to accompany him to the Mahkota II Bridge which connects the Kapih and Palaran River areas.

“The victim (Irsal) apparently asked to escorted by his younger cousin to the signpost covering the Mahkota II Bridge road. Then the victim walked alone toward the middle of the bridge,” said Melkianus.

“The victim’s mother later came to the bridge, chasing the victim along with the victim’s cousin. The victim’s mother had time to talk to the victim, not to jump,” added Melkianus.

However, the victim’s request ignored by the victim. “The victim replied by saying don’t look for me anymore. Finally, the victim jumped off the bridge,” explained Melkianus.

A joint SAR team from Basarnas, Polsek for the Port Area, Polair Samarinda, and Disdamkar Samarinda, dispatched to the scene to search for victims. “Including the victim’s family in the search for the victim,” said Melkianus.

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Man Attacks the Imam of a Mosque

Man Attacks the Imam of a Mosque

Man attacks the imam of a mosque in Pekanbaru City, Riau, while leading the Fajr prayer, Friday (7/5/2021). The perpetrator has been secure and hand over to the police.

Kapolresta Pekanbaru, Kombes Nandang Mu’min Wijaya, confirm that the incident was carry out by the perpetrator when the priest Masjib Baitul Ar’sy known as Juhri Asyari was reading a qunut prayer.

“The perpetrator is Deni Ariawan (41),” said Nandang, launching from

Nandang said, if the perpetrator was a resident not far from the mosque.

“Living on Jalan Srikandi, Kelurahan Delima. Not far from the crime scene, ”explained Nandang.

His party conducted an intensive examination of the man who attacked and slapped the mosque imam. As well as revealing the motive for the action that is not praiseworthy.

“It is still being examined (motive). Not yet known, we will tell later, “said Nandang.

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Viral in Medsos, the perpetrator of the attack on the Imam of the mosque broke through the Saf prayers

The action of Deni’s attacking the mosque imam was recorded on CCTV and immediately went viral on social media. It can be seen from the camera footage that the perpetrator, wearing a black shirt and shorts, walk quietly into the mosque.

From the camera recording, Deni entered the saf line and walked casually. In fact, he broke through the saf makmum who was praying towards the very front row.

Until finally, the perpetrator approached the priest and it appeared that the perpetrator hit the victim’s face. The attack of the perpetrator made the imam stop leading the Fajr prayer. Meanwhile, the congregation who saw the incident immediately stopped praying and immediately secured the perpetrator.

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Residents Suspected of Being Positive for the Indian Strain

The South Tangerang City Health Office claims to have carried out the tracing procedure on the closest relatives of two of its residents suspected of being positive for the Indian strain. A tracing procedure was performed to find out if anyone was exposed to it other than the two people.

“It has been (tracing), all close contact has been carried out by tracing and now all of them have been tested negative and have finished their independent isolation and are declared cured,” confirmed the Head of the Tangsel Health Office, Alin Hendarlin, confirmed on Thursday (7/5).

Those who were traced included the two parents, one infected child and the husband and the domestic worker (domestic helper) in the house.

“The ones who are in close contact are the mother, father, child 1, the maid and her husband,” said Alin

He admitted that this case was just getting busy on the surface because he was waiting for the results of the Genome Sequencing examination which could not be immediately.

“It’s been a long time, because the results of the genome sequencing can’t be fast. The case of his son was caught just yesterday so just tracing who has been in close contact with him. So be careful, maybe there are a lot of them here, because genome sequencing was not checked, no. caught, “he said.

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Laboratory Tests

Alin said that Genome Sequencing was taken by DKI Jakarta Balitbangkes. He is not sure when the laboratory test results can be known.

“If it is the Jakarta Research and Development Center that does it. I do not know,” he explained.

Previously it was reported that two parents of Tangsel residents were exposed to Covid-19 variant B. However, both have tested negative from the results of the last PCR swab conducted in mid-April 2021.

“He is healthy and has been declared finished isolation so now he is negative; when he leaves the hospital,” said the Head of the Tangsel Health Office, Alin Hendarlin.

According to him, the parents of Tangsel residents who were exposed to the new variant of Covid-19; started from the parents’ contact with their child who had tested positive for the Indian strain of the corona virus. “From the child, the child does not know where it is from. If you know the origin of the story, it may be a long story. Anyway, the child is included in the sample that was examined for the genome sequel; which was then found a variant of the Indian virus,” explained Alin.

Furthermore, the parents of Tangsel residents were known to have a close relationship with their child. When symptoms occur, they immediately get checked out.

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Motorcycle Thief Shot by Police

Motorcycle Thief Shot by Police

Motorcycle Thief Shot by Police.The flight of Deden (34), a man who repeatedly stole a motorcycle in the Panongan area, Tangerang Regency, has ended. A bullet from a police gun penetrated his right calf which caught him in action on Monday (3/5).

Kapolsek Panongan AKP Kresna Aji explained that Deden was part of a syndicate of automatic motorbike thieves. In each action, the perpetrator and his colleagues equip themselves with replica and badik firearms.

“The action revealed when the perpetrator shouted at by a thief by the vehicle owner. At the same time, the patrol officers passed and immediately secured the perpetrator, assisted by residents,” said Panongan Police Chief AKP Kresna Aji at the Panongan Police Headquarters, Wednesday (5/5).

Deden and his colleagues caught in action at the Alfamart minimarket, Ranca Kelapa Village, Panongan District, Tangerang Regency, Monday (3/5). The two of them determined to act even though the surrounding environment was busy.

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Target Location

“The perpetrator deliberately targeted a location where the situation was crowded. Because in that crowded place, the concentration of the residents was divided. He could target an automatic motorbike that not double locked or without the handlebar lock. The perpetrator always targeted motorbikes parked at the minimarket,” explained Kresna.

From Deden’s hand, the police secured 3 units of automatic motorcycle. The officers also confiscated replicas of firearms, badik sharp weapons, and T leter keys.

For his actions, Deden was subject to a weighted theft article. The man from Cigudeg, Bogor Regency, faces a maximum imprisonment of 7 years.

“We are currently hunting down suspect D, who is suspect D’s colleague who we have secured, as well as a network of custodians from Bogor, who also fled after we secured suspect D,” he said.

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Captain of Indian Ship Confirmed Positive for Covid

The captain of Indian ship confirmed positive for Covid 19 and leaning at the Port of Dumai . Now four crew members (ABK) are also infected with the virus.

The four were found to be positive after a PCR test was carried out by medical personnel who were given the authority to supervise the crew.

“There are more, four of the crew members were positive, after being tested for PCR,” said the spokesman for the Riau Province Covid-19, Dr. Indra Yopi, Tuesday (4/5).

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However, the condition of the 4 crew members is still relatively light. Meanwhile, the captain now has to receive special treatment at a hospital in Pekanbaru because of his severe status.

Meanwhile, the 4 crew members are currently isolating on board. Of course close supervision is also carried out by medical personnel.

Yopi explained, the total number of confirmed cases as of Tuesday (4/5) was 483 people. Meanwhile, there were 7 cases of death.

“This mortality rate is a little bit compared to yesterday’s figure of around 18 people. But that doesn’t mean the Covid-19 pandemic situation in Riau is under control,” he said.

He explained, of the 7 people who died today, 6 of them were over the age of 60 while the other person was 58 years old. This means that those who died today are old people.

“For this reason, I, the people of Riau, should avoid crowds, then reduce mobility; and don’t forget to wear a mask,” he explained.

Previously, a meeting was held with the Riau Province Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) to reinforce the rules that would protect the Riau people during this pandemic.

“As it is known, the red zone as of today in Riau Province; there are 3 regencies and cities including Pekanbaru, Rokan Hulu Regency, Kampar Regency,” he said.

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Suspect of Malaria in Mukomuko Increased

The number of residents suspect of malaria in Mukomuko Increased, Bengkulu Province, in the period January to March 2021 250 people, or a drastic increase compared to the same period in 2020 recorded 160 people.

“As many as 260 residents who suspect malaria are spread across 11 of the 17 health centers in this area,” said the Malaria Program Manager of the Mukomuko Triono District Health Office in Mukomuko, as updated news report by Antara, Monday (3/5).

He said this after recapitulating the number of local residents who suspected of contracting malaria from January to March 2021. According to him, the number of local residents; who suspected of contracting malaria in 11 community health centers in this area from January to March 2021  considered high.

He said that the increase in the number of local residents; who suspected of being stricken by malaria indicated that the performance of health workers at the puskesmas in this area good.

“The performance of health workers at the puskesmas is good; the number of residents in their working area who suspect malaria is getting more and more. There are residents who have fever and fever directly to the laboratory,” he said.

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According to him, it is possible that the number of residents; who have suspected malaria since the last three months is more than 250 people; because there are residents with fever and fever who have not reported it to health workers. Likewise, the number of residents who suspected of contracting malaria in the previous year, he said; likely a large number but residents with fever and fever had never examined in the laboratory.

Nevertheless, he said, changing seasons or transitioning from the rainy season to the summer; also affected the increase in the number of local residents who suspected of having malaria. For that, he said; his party through the health center will continue to increase socialization; and intensify the 3M campaign, namely closing, draining and burying to prevent malaria.

Then, his party also asked people who experienced symptoms of malaria; to immediately report to health workers at the puskesmas in their respective areas.

Fisherman Survived 30 Hours in Storm

Fisherman Survived 30 Hours in Storm

Fisherman Survived 30 Hours in Storm. Salam Candra (35), a fisherman from the city of Tarakan, North Kalimantan, found safe on Sunday (2/5) afternoon. He swayed with his speedboat in the waters of North Kalimantan for almost 30 hours, after being confronted by a storm when he returned from Bulungan to Tarakan after the fish harvest.

Candra found by the joint SAR team from Basarnas, Polair Polda Kaltara, Indonesian Navy and fishing communities, after the speedboat dragged by the water flow more than 30 miles from the estimate he lost contact, Saturday (1/5) morning.

“That’s right. Found around 1.45 pm,” said Head of Basarnas Tarakan Amiruddin, Sunday (2/5).

Amiruddin report that the point where Candra’s victim found quite far away. “It is approximately 40 miles from the estimated LKP (Last Know Position) (the position of the last contact with his family),” said Amiruddin.

In a weak condition, Candra evacuated by the Basarnas RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) to the Tengkayu I Port of Tarakan. “We arrived around 3:45 pm, and we handed it over to his family,” added Amiruddin.

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Amiruddin explained, Candra reportedly lost contact in the waters of Bulungan – Tarakan, Saturday (1/5) afternoon, on his way home from Bulungan regency to Tarakan. The news conveyed by the victim’s family.

“The victim on the way back to Tarakan brought about 500 kilograms of fish harvested. The storm  around 8 am Saturday. The victim known to not be able to see the island of Tarakan. The ship also did not have navigation equipment. So, relying on visuals,” explained Amiruddin.

The hard work of the joint SAR team paid off. Candra’s position in the water finally known from her coordinate point; and she evacuated to Tarakan in a safe condition.

Man Kill dan Cut His Father Manhood

Man Kill and Cut His Father Manhood

Man Kill dan Cut His Father Manhood. Daniel Lopo (74), a resident of Nunutili, Sono Village, North Amanatun District, South Central Timor Regency (TTS), East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) was killed by his own son. Daniel was killed by his son ML (30).

TTS Police Chief, AKBP Andre Librian through the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit, Iptu Hendrica Bahtera, said that this case started on Thursday (29/4) at around 09.30 WITA. At that time MML (the victim’s biological child) was lying at home. Suddenly the perpetrator came and asked to eat.

The witness MML then ordered the perpetrator to enter and eat in the house, which was located five meters from where he lay. When the perpetrator entered and ate in the big house, MML went straight to HL’s (her sibling’s) house.

Suddenly MML heard his father screaming for help. He immediately returned home> When he arrived home, MML saw the perpetrator strangled his father.

Seeing this, the witness did not remain silent. MML attempted to reprimand the perpetrators to stop strangling their father. However, at that time the perpetrator scolded MML, making him afraid and leaving.

MML also headed to AT’s house, but not yet at AT’s house, she had a chance to meet AN. MML also informed AN of the perpetrators if the perpetrators tried to kill their father.

AN immediately ran to the victim’s house. At the victim’s house, he saw that the victim was sleeping on his back on the ground.

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AN saw that the victim had died, with torn wounds to the neck and there were also 11 stab wounds to the chest, stomach, arms and shoulders.

The perpetrator even cut his father’s genitals and put them in a bowl filled with corn and two pieces of dog meat.

AN immediately report the matter to the village government, then the village government informed the incident to the closest police.

“We immediately went to the scene of the incident to carry out the investigation of the scene of the incident,” Hendri told reporters Saturday (1/5).

The police are still investigating the motive for the perpetrator to brutally murder his biological father. The police have also secured the perpetrator and evidence, the perpetrator was charged under Article 338 of the Criminal Code.