Police arrest Colombian drug lord Otoniel

Colombian police have captured the head of the most needed medication partner Otoniel. Dairo Antonio Usuga, a well known Colombian street pharmacist who drives the Gulf group, was captured at one of his bases in Necocli, Colombia.



The Colombian government delivered a picture of Otoniel in cuffs and encompassed by fighters.

Otoniel escaped the Colombian government’s legitimate cycle for quite a long time, as per the Associated Press.

“This is a significant hit to tranquilize dealers in our country in this century,” said Colombian President Ivan Duque.

The United States government has even offered a compensation of US $ 5 million to pay for data identified with Otoniel’s capture, sourced from AFP.


Latest Update

In 2006, Otoniel wouldn’t incapacitate when he marked a truce. Thus, he keeps on entering the dull domain of medication dealing, rather than wiping the slate clean.

Otoniel himself had presented his eagerness to haggle with the Colombian Government in 2017. Nonetheless, the Colombian government reacted by sending 1,000 soldiers to search for Otoniel.

Otoniel likewise supposedly frequently physically mishandled ladies and minors.

The Gulf Clan, driven by Otoniel, is a medication partner that is professed to be liable for drug dealing, illicit mining and unlawful blackmail that are liable for Colombia’s most noticeably terrible public savagery. The gathering is said to exist in all aspects of the country.

Note that Colombia is one of the biggest cocaine providers on the planet. The United States is their greatest market.


Source: Reuters and CNN. Stay tuned for more international news about Otoniel.