Successful Indonesian Farmer in America

Having a hobby of farming seems to be able to bring happiness many times over. Not only getting the results, Syarif Syaifulloh admitted that he was happy to be able to share his agricultural knowledge with the residents around his residence. He is a successful indonesian farmer in America.

Far from his native land and living in Philadelphia, the United States has not diminished his enthusiasm to continue to develop his hobby as a farmer. Thanks to his cold hands, he often harvests fresh vegetables to the point of getting the attention of his neighbors.

What is the full story of Syarif, who is confident and successful as a farmer in the US? Here’s more information.

Teaching Farming

Reporting from the YouTube channel Andri Indonesia (18/10/2019), there is an interesting story from Syarif, a man from Magelang, Central Java who is now known to live in Uncle Sam’s country. Living in a foreign country for more than 9 years actually made him more confident to work, to become a farmer on his land.

Not only for himself, Syarif also shared knowledge with local residents about how to grow crops. All ages become friends to share, from children to adults.

“I have been gardening for 9 years, thank God there is nothing. We are urban farmers […] Create a laboratory, for studying,” he said.

“Oh, so come here, huh?” asked the presenter.

“Yes, from anywhere. From anywhere, from America, from Indonesia, from children to adults learning to grow crops,” he said.

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Neighbors Support

Living in a country with a different culture sometimes becomes an obstacle when we want to carry out various activities. However, this was not a difficult matter for Sharif.

The neighbors around his residence were even curious about his gardening actions. The neighbors continued to provide moral and material support to Syarif. The large barrel located in the yard of the house is evidence of the neighbors’ concern and admiration for Sharif’s hobby.

“How do the neighbors respond?” asked the presenter.

“Neighbors, thank God, welcome. We thank God we also give the results to our neighbors too. And we also teach our neighbors too. There is this barrel given by our neighbors,” he explained.