Marijuana is the backbone of the Taliban in Afghanistan besides opium

A number of groups in the Taliban have mainstay commodities other than opium, namely cannabis or marijuana. The quality of cannabis in Afghanistan is said to be one of the best in the world, especially in the form of cannabis resin.

Heroin, morphine, opium and marijuana have largely provided the Taliban with substantial income in recent years.



The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reported that in 2021, Afghanistan was ranked second after Morocco for the area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin of cannabis circulation throughout the world in the 2015-2019 range.

Below that are Pakistan and Lebanon. Its circulation is spread to Middle Eastern countries, especially in the Arabian Peninsula, South Asia, and West Asia.

Types of hashish from Afghanistan were also identified in Asian, Eastern European, Western European, and Central European countries during cannabis confiscation processes.

In the 2015-2019 period alone, most of Iran’s confiscated cannabis came from Afghanistan. About 65 percent of the seized marijuana was destined for the Arabian peninsula. While 15 percent goes to the Caucasus region, and 20 percent goes to local consumption.


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Although in 2019 as many as 21 hectares of cannabis plants were eradicated, in the following year there was no similar action.

Causes of growing opium and cannabis cultivation in Afghanistan, read on next page…

Many different factors may play a role in annual changes, including a severe drought in 2018, flash floods in 2019, as well as a deteriorating security situation and increased instability in 2020.

Although there is a Covid-19 pandemic, it does not affect the cannabis cultivation area or labor for harvesting. However, it can be expected that the economic downturn after the pandemic, combined with rising food prices lead to a further increase in poppy cultivation in the years to come.

In 2010, the United Nations reported that Afghanistan had long been the world’s largest producer of opium. The country is now a major supplier of cannabis with large-scale cultivation in most of its territory.

While Afghanistan’s yield per hectare is 145 kilograms. This amount is much higher than the yield in Morocco which is only 40 kilograms per hectare.


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UN Extends Mission in Afghanistan for Next 6 Months

The United Nations Security Council (UN) chose to broaden the UN mission in Afghanistan for an additional a half year until March 2022. The UN likewise approached the Taliban to make a comprehensive government.


UN Mission in Afghanistan

The 15-part security gathering chose to proceed with the political mission entitled UNAMA which zeroed in on managing improvement issues. Afghanistan has been a significant worry since the Taliban held onto the public authority.

In the archive, the United Nations focused on the significance of setting up a comprehensive and agent government. At present, the public authority is made up completely of individuals from the Taliban and there are no ladies.

“Ladies’ full, equivalent and significant interest, and regard for basic freedoms, including for ladies, youngsters and minorities,” the UN composed.

Likewise, in this mission, the UN additionally guarantees that it will keep on assuming a part in the harmony and steadiness of Afghanistan.


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Ambassadors said the Taliban had no issue with the expansion of the UN mission in Afghanistan.

“They are more even minded,” said an UN Afghanistan trained professional.

The UN delegate additionally said the Taliban required an UN presence.

“The Taliban need the UN and this is our impact,” the UN delegate said.

The UN Security Council likewise asked UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to give month to month briefings on the most recent circumstance in Afghanistan until the finish of the mission.


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UN: Taliban Break Promises on Women and Inclusion

The Assembled Countries’ basic liberties boss; Michelle Bachelet; said the Taliban were breaking its guarantees on ladies’ privileges and comprehensive administration in Afghanistan.


UN Taliban

“In opposition to confirmations that the Taliban will maintain ladies’ privileges; in the course of recent weeks; ladies have been progressively avoided from the open arena;” Bachelet told the UN Basic liberties Chamber in Geneva.

Bachelet additionally communicated dissatisfaction with the organization of the Taliban government which didn’t include ladies and was overwhelmed by ethnic Pashtuns.

“(I’m) frustrated by the absence of consideration of the supposed between time bureau; which does exclude ladies and is somewhat non-Pashtun;” Bachelet said.

He focused on that Afghanistan was entering a new and risky stage since the Taliban took power on August 15. Savagery against dissidents and writers has additionally expanded.

A few demonstrators were even announced killed after the Taliban started shooting noticeable all around to scatter the group. Numerous different demonstrators additionally professed to have been beaten by the gathering.

Another guarantee that the Taliban broke; said Bachelet; was the issue of giving absolution to previous government employees and security officials during the Ashraf Ghani organization. He featured door to door searches of previous authorities in the past time.


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The Unified Countries says it has gotten various reports of looks for the people who have worked with US organizations and security powers. Some staff additionally detailed expanded assaults and dangers.

He likewise confessed to getting reports with respect to the supposed homicide of many previous individuals from the Afghan military.

Bachelet then; at that point; required a system to screen rights in Afghanistan.

“I repeat my call to this Gathering to make an intense and solid move; proportionate with the gravity of this emergency;” he said.

The world is proceeding to focus a light on the Taliban; particularly as they vowed to fabricate a comprehensive and moderate government when they took power in mid-August.

They likewise vowed to maintain ladies’ privileges. The current government; said the Taliban; will be not quite the same as the 1996-2001 period; which was viewed as tyrant and traditionalist.

Not so much as a month into the initiative; the Taliban has shown limitations on ladies’ development. They additionally don’t need ladies agents to possess pastoral positions since they think it isn’t as per Islamic law.


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Turkey warns world not to rush to recognize Taliban


Turkey has warned the international community not to be too hasty in recognizing the Taliban as Afghanistan’s new official government.
In a television interview; Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu warned that the new Afghan government should be inclusive and provide space for women. He also suggested that some Afghan women from various ethnic groups should be given ministerial posts.


Turkey – Taliban

“There is no need to rush. This is our advice to the whole world. We must act together with the international community;” Cavusoglu said.

Cavusoglu himself is very careful and does not reveal how Turkey’s own attitude towards the current relationship with the Taliban.

Turkey is currently in negotiations regarding operational assistance for Kabul airport; which has not yet fully recovered after being left by the United States and its allies.

Cavusoglu also said that Turkey is currently cooperating with Qatar and the US to formulate requirements for the opening of Kabul airport which will be prioritized for access to humanitarian aid distribution and evacuating civilians who want to leave Afghanistan.

Cavusoglu considers security issues to be the main focus of Kabul Airport operations. He stressed that commercial flights can never be resumed until the airline is sure that conditions at the airport are safe enough.

Cavusoglu said even if airlines; including Turkish Airlines; wanted to fly to Kabul; insurance companies would not allow it because security was not guaranteed.


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“In my view; Taliban or Afghan forces can ensure security outside the airport;” Cavusoglu said.

“But inside; there could be a security company that the international community trusts or all the other companies;” he said.

Meanwhile; the US stated that they no longer control the airspace in Afghanistan and the Kabul airport was in a state of disrepair when it was abandoned by Uncle Sam’s troops.

However; Kabul Airport started operating for domestic flights last week. The Qatari Ambassador to Afghanistan stated that the Kabul airport runway had been repaired and could be used again for domestic flights and humanitarian assistance.

He then said that since the runway was fixed; there have been two successful domestic flights taking off from Kabul airport; namely to Mazar-i-Sharif and Kandahar.


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Man who spread Covid-19 in Vietnam jailed for 5 years


The Vietnamese Communist government court sentenced the spreader of Covid-19 to five years in prison.

Vietnam COVID

It was Le Van Tri, the man who was found guilty of violating the quarantine period at home and spreading Covid-19 in the country.

The 28-year-old man was traveling from the red zone in Ho Chi Minh to his hometown of Ca Mau. Meanwhile, the province requires a 21-day quarantine period at home for residents who come from the red zone.

Violation of this rule is punishable by criminal sanctions by the Vietnamese Court.

“Tri has violated the rules of the quarantine period at home, causing a number of residents to be infected with Covid-19. One person died on August 7 after contracting it,” the court ruled in a statement, quoting AFP.


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Local Vietnamese media also reported that a total of eight people had contracted Covid-19 due to the violations committed by Van Tri.

Vietnam is now facing a surge in Covid-19 cases with a total of 540,000 people who tested positive and 13,000 died so far.

The highest cases were recorded at the end of April, forcing the country to go into lockdown in major cities such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Several people were also jailed for being found guilty of spreading Covid-19. The 32-year-old man was jailed for 18 months in July on charges of spreading Covid-19.


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Taliban governor continues to hunt ISIS in hiding

One of the legislative leaders of the Taliban in Afghanistan; Mullah Neda Mohammad; said he would keep on chasing down ISIS warriors from stowing away in his country.

Neda likewise recently battled against the US-shaped Afghan government. Presently he involves the situation of Governor of Nangarhar; Afghanistan; after the Taliban figured out how to retake the country.


Taliban Governor

“We are as yet searching for individuals (ISIS) who are as yet stowing away;” Neda Mohammad told AFP.

He likewise claims to have captured 70-80 individuals from IS Khorasan (IS-K); the nation’s part of ISIS; since the Taliban under his order assumed responsibility for Jalalabad City; Nangarhar Province.

IS-K is supposed to be behind various self destruction bombings in Afghanistan as of late. The gathering is additionally said to have slaughtered individuals inside mosques; in open regions; and in clinics.

IS-K additionally guaranteed liability regarding a self destruction bombarding that killed in excess of 100 individuals; including 13 US troops; close to Hamid Karzai International Airport; Kabul. The assault was supposed to be the biggest since the US attacked Afghanistan in 2011.

The US fought back for the self destruction bombarding via doing ramble air strikes against the IS-K self destruction plane planner in Nangarhar region.


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In any case; Neda Mohammad doesn’t really accept that ISIS will represent a genuine danger to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

“They have lost a great deal of lives in the north and east of Afghanistan. There is no explanation ISIS can live here (Afghanistan). We don’t consider ISIS to be a danger;” said Neda Mohammad.

Albeit the Taliban and ISIS are the two Sunni Islamist civilian armies; they vary as far as stretching convictions and procedures.

The two even battled one another and professed to convey the banner of jihad. The fight caused numerous losses.

ISIS additionally said something that the Taliban had double-crossed the jihadists; in view of the arrangement to pull out US troops from Afghanistan.


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Taliban Accused of Shooting Dead Pregnant Afghan Policewoman

The Taliban allegedly gave dead a pregnant Afghan police officer at her home in Firozkoh.

Various family members told the BBC that at first; three shooters visited the place of the police officer named Banu Negar on Saturday (4/9).


Taliban News

They scoured Negar’s home; then; at that point; tied the hands of his relatives. The three men then; at that point; beat Negar and shot the lady dead before her significant other and youngster.

The BBC doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the subtleties of the occurrence on the grounds that many individuals would prefer not to shout out. They fear being focused on by the Taliban in the event that they set out to shout out.

Despondency for Afghan Ladies in Indonesia: My sister was killed by the Taliban

Notwithstanding; a portion of Negar’s family members showed photographs showing blood splattered on the divider toward the side of a room. There are likewise photographs of bodies whose countenances are unrecognizable.

In any case; the representative for Takiban; Zabiullah Mujaheed; said that his gathering was not engaged with the occurrence by any stretch of the imagination.

“We know about the occurrence and I can affirm that the Taliban didn’t kill him. Our examination is as yet continuous;” Mujaheed told the BBC.


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Afghan ladies fight before the Taliban; encourage for equity

He likewise focused on that the Taliban had reported they would absolve individuals who worked for the past government.

Mujaheed additionally presumed that Negar’s homicide was identified with “individual matters or something different.”

This news comes in the midst of public worries about the inexorably oppressive disposition of some Taliban individuals towards ladies after the gathering took power in mid-August.

Since taking force; the Taliban has kept on building a picture as a more open minded gathering. Notwithstanding; various reports of their mercilessness in controlling ladies are as yet arising.

Various onlookers have additionally started to track down the indications of the Taliban to lessen the job of ladies. Toward the finish of last week; Kabul was stunned by the information on various ladies who set out to organize exhibitions before the Taliban troops.

The Taliban permitted the showings for the sake of uniformity and opportunity of articulation. Nonetheless; various ladies who went to the exhibition said the Taliban terminated nerve gas as they attempted to cross the extension to the Official Castle.


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Taliban Open Fire Celebrating Victory, 17 Dead

Something like 17 individuals were killed when Taliban individuals started shooting noticeable all around to praise triumph in the wake of professing to have caught Afghanistan’s just unconquered region; the Pansjhir Valley.



The Shamshad and Tolo news offices detailed that twelve individuals were killed when the Taliban terminated “fire into the air” in Kabul. What’s more; 41 others were additionally harmed in the episode.

Not just in Kabul; undoubtedly 14 others were additionally harmed in light of the fact that individuals from the Taliban in Nangarhar territory started shooting in a comparative festival.

The Taliban’s principle representative; Zabihullah Mujahid; additionally spoke to its individuals not to praise triumph by terminating into the air.

“Try not to discharge shots noticeable all around and simply express gratitude toward God. Shots can harm regular folks; so don’t shoot pointlessly;” Mujahid said as cited by Reuters.


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The Taliban are praising triumph after the gathering asserted it had caught the main region in Afghanistan they had not vanquished; the Panjshir Valley. In any case; hostile to Taliban powers in Panjshir question these cases.

In case the Taliban’s cases are demonstrated; the gathering has figured out how to cover all spaces of Afghanistan in the wake of battling lately.

The actual Taliban frequently fire noticeable all around to praise triumph. Soon after the US left Afghanistan recently; the Taliban likewise started shooting at different streets.


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