Taliban governor continues to hunt ISIS in hiding

One of the legislative leaders of the Taliban in Afghanistan; Mullah Neda Mohammad; said he would keep on chasing down ISIS warriors from stowing away in his country.

Neda likewise recently battled against the US-shaped Afghan government. Presently he involves the situation of Governor of Nangarhar; Afghanistan; after the Taliban figured out how to retake the country.


Taliban Governor

“We are as yet searching for individuals (ISIS) who are as yet stowing away;” Neda Mohammad told AFP.

He likewise claims to have captured 70-80 individuals from IS Khorasan (IS-K); the nation’s part of ISIS; since the Taliban under his order assumed responsibility for Jalalabad City; Nangarhar Province.

IS-K is supposed to be behind various self destruction bombings in Afghanistan as of late. The gathering is additionally said to have slaughtered individuals inside mosques; in open regions; and in clinics.

IS-K additionally guaranteed liability regarding a self destruction bombarding that killed in excess of 100 individuals; including 13 US troops; close to Hamid Karzai International Airport; Kabul. The assault was supposed to be the biggest since the US attacked Afghanistan in 2011.

The US fought back for the self destruction bombarding via doing ramble air strikes against the IS-K self destruction plane planner in Nangarhar region.


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In any case; Neda Mohammad doesn’t really accept that ISIS will represent a genuine danger to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

“They have lost a great deal of lives in the north and east of Afghanistan. There is no explanation ISIS can live here (Afghanistan). We don’t consider ISIS to be a danger;” said Neda Mohammad.

Albeit the Taliban and ISIS are the two Sunni Islamist civilian armies; they vary as far as stretching convictions and procedures.

The two even battled one another and professed to convey the banner of jihad. The fight caused numerous losses.

ISIS additionally said something that the Taliban had double-crossed the jihadists; in view of the arrangement to pull out US troops from Afghanistan.


Source: Reuters and CNN. Stay tuned for more international news about Taliban Governor.