Taliban Open Fire Celebrating Victory, 17 Dead

Something like 17 individuals were killed when Taliban individuals started shooting noticeable all around to praise triumph in the wake of professing to have caught Afghanistan’s just unconquered region; the Pansjhir Valley.



The Shamshad and Tolo news offices detailed that twelve individuals were killed when the Taliban terminated “fire into the air” in Kabul. What’s more; 41 others were additionally harmed in the episode.

Not just in Kabul; undoubtedly 14 others were additionally harmed in light of the fact that individuals from the Taliban in Nangarhar territory started shooting in a comparative festival.

The Taliban’s principle representative; Zabihullah Mujahid; additionally spoke to its individuals not to praise triumph by terminating into the air.

“Try not to discharge shots noticeable all around and simply express gratitude toward God. Shots can harm regular folks; so don’t shoot pointlessly;” Mujahid said as cited by Reuters.


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The Taliban are praising triumph after the gathering asserted it had caught the main region in Afghanistan they had not vanquished; the Panjshir Valley. In any case; hostile to Taliban powers in Panjshir question these cases.

In case the Taliban’s cases are demonstrated; the gathering has figured out how to cover all spaces of Afghanistan in the wake of battling lately.

The actual Taliban frequently fire noticeable all around to praise triumph. Soon after the US left Afghanistan recently; the Taliban likewise started shooting at different streets.


Source: Reuters and CNN. Stay tuned for more international news about Taliban.