US, Japan, South Korea meet to discuss North Korea’s nuclear disarmament efforts


The United States; Japan and South Korea will hold a meeting in Tokyo to break the deadlock in North Korea’s nuclear and missile disarmament efforts that have been stalled.
“The three countries are expected to have in-depth discussions on how to promote cooperation in managing the situation on the Korean Peninsula stably and continuing the peace process in the near future;” South Korea’s foreign ministry said in a statement Friday.


North Korea’s Nuclear

Seoul said South Korea’s special representative for peace and security on the Korean Peninsula; Noh Kyu-duk; would travel to Japan for three days.

He plans to meet with the US envoy to North Korea; Sung Kim; and the Director General of the Japanese Foreign Ministry’s Bureau of Asian and Oceanic Affairs; Takehiro Funakoshi.

In addition to discussing North Korea’s missile and nuclear issues; the envoys will also strengthen cooperation between Seoul; Washington and Tokyo.

In August; Sung Kim said he was ready to meet North Korean representatives anywhere and anytime.


Latest News

Quoted by Reuters; so far North Korea’s nuclear disarmament efforts are still in place. In fact; the US-North Korea had agreed to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

Pyongyang has always maintained that it is open to diplomacy. However; US sanctions and military exercises between Seoul and Washington have often been a stumbling block for diplomacy with North Korea.

Earlier; US President Joe Biden said that he would seek diplomatic avenues in efforts to disarm North Korea and its ballistic missiles. However; Biden is still unwilling to ease US sanctions against the isolated nation.


Source: Reuters and CNN. Stay tuned for more international news about North Korea’s nuclear.