WHO Strictly Monitors Corona Virus Variant B1,466.2 From Indonesia

The Covid B1;466.2 is one of 12 SARS-CoV-2 variations that are remembered for the WHO need list for additional checking.


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As indicated by WHO information; 85% of the B1;466.2 variation has so far been found in Indonesia; 5% found in Malaysia; 4% found in Singapore; 1% each in Australia and Japan.

The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) said that the nearby variation B.1.466.2 even had a gigantic spread in Indonesia before the Delta variation assaulted.

As per scientists from the LIPI Biology Research Center; variation B.1.466.2 had overwhelmed transmission in Indonesia in up to 57 percent of Covid-19 cases in March 2021; preceding at last the Delta variation assaulted and ruled in excess of 80%.

Notwithstanding; at present; the variation will in general be a minority and the extent is under 5% in mid-June-July; after the Delta variation ruled Covid cases in Indonesia to 92 percent.

LIPI said that variation B.1.466.2 was first found in Bekasi on November 12; 2020. WHO has put variation B.1466.2 under checking since April 28.


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This variation called LIPI has changes in hereditary material that are thought to influence the attributes of the infection or are thought to represent a danger later on.

However; the proof for a phenotypic or epidemiological effect is at present hazy; requiring further checking and new logical proof.

There are additionally a few different variations that are prevailing in Indonesia; specifically B.1.470; B.1.1.398; and B.1.459.

Variation B.1.470 was found in Surabaya 9 April 2020; B.1.1.398 in Jakarta on 5 June 2020; and B.1.459 in NTB on 1 June 2020.

In the mean time; up until this point; WHO has three classifications of checking Covid changes.

The three classifications comprise of variations of the Covid of concern (VoC); variations of interest (VoI); and variations that require further close observing (Alerts for Further Monitoring).


Source: Reuters and CNN. Stay tuned for more international news about Corona Virus.